Ffa isn't 120fps on xbox series x

Why isn’t ffa 120 fps on xbox series x??

do the Series console versions have fps counters?

I can’t see one. Then again, the monitor I am on only goes to 60fps so there could be for ones that can do 120fps.

You don’t need one to be able to tell — 14 player FFA on the Series X is at like 40-50 fps max. I have no clue how people play it without getting physically sick. 14 player FFA on the regular Xbox when it was the ranked mode was probably on like 20-25. 8 player FFA is fine, it’s just like the normal game.

I heard it was working fine for a lot of X/S players & after this update it spoiled it.

I’m not sure how valid that is but that’s what I’ve been told.

You need a screen that can handle 120 or more fps. Your pretty much still playing at 60

Yeah I am aware. I was just stating that there could be a counter for the monitors that can go to 120. Since they one I am on only goes to 60, I don’t know if 120fps ones have a counter.

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