FFA is worthless in my oppion

I’m going to tell you this much FFA is worthless when the hit boxes are totally out of wack. I hit 10 people dead on none were killed in golden gun. Oh btw get rid of those medal pertaining to win first place not everyone is a pro player.

FFA is nice if you’re alone but still want to hang in the sauna with some boys. I’d say it’s not the best for a ranked mode, but there’s fun to be had for sure.

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I not buying any more busted games like this one ever. Color blind people can’t compete in this game even with settings on.

Whole game its worthless…

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Have to agree with you buddy.


different FFA for different people, with Golden Gun I’ve won 2 FFA so far, with regular FFA I’ve gotten many seconds and thirds, no first as yet.

I couldn’t get past 6 place that’s even playing aggressive. With vision issues. It makes it more fustrating.

Looks like you have a problem with hit detection, not hit boxes :wink:

Both actually are problematic. Gnasher I don’t see no improvement at at shoot someone in the leg get a head shot.