FFA is better or worst?

after playing 8 instead of 14 some things feel bad

1 we already have a gnasher only mode why we also have it in ranked?

2 8 players on some maps is horrible

3 it is annoying that from 8 players it is easier to steal your kills they should not even have downs in FFA 8 players

4 fights for power weapons and zones are worse people crowd together in points making some zones horrible to play

5 who asked to be 8 if 14 players were much better

6 because this game insists so much that I only have to use the gnasher as the only weapon?

there are changes that tc makes it seems that the intention is to kill the game if or if,
the FFA problem was never the number of players, they just had to enable the largest maps in the game and voila, not all of them and lower the number of players on maps ,this masps are not designed or intended for this game mode,
the problem is just that we could not find a game, it was easier to remove FFA from social and put it only in ranked problemas solved but no, the developers in this game are lazy and thanks to them the next sales of gears 6 will be lower

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As far as I know having Lancers was frustrating because people just got immediately lancered at the start. But TC will change the loadout depending on fan feedback. Maybe they’ll add the pistol.

I feel like kill stealing is a Gears staple at this point. And in FFA I actually think it works for the best. It sucks to get your kill stolen but there’s also an element of strategy and an incentive to get involved in other players’ 1v1. Risk/reward sort of thing.

Also they should have removed 14 player from Ranked and put it in social if they wanted that to work. Not the way you suggest. More people play Social and it’s a chaotic game type that works well with Social drop in/drop out stuff. It was only ever popular at launch of Op2 because it was new and was a social playlist. Making it Ranked was what put the first nail in the coffin.

I didn’t like 8 player at first, mainly because I thought it was simply to placate the Ranked population and not because it would actually make the game mode better. But now I think it’s got a lot going for it. Although there was potential to have more interesting PVP maps with the tiles. Like the Pit with the slopes and stairway stuff.

FFA is way better now imo.
good quality maps now not escape maps made into ffa
and you never could find games with 14 players quickly in Ranked compared to social.
I think 8 will do better in the long run

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All of your points are good. But I think it’s obvious why they made it 8 man. Not enough ppl play FFA. As far as the stolen kills, they should make it so only the person who actually accomplished the down gets the kill. But it’s not just FFA. Every ranked mode is screwed up. Gears of War is a long forgotten treasure. This “replica” is just a poor excuse for a replica. And that’s not going to change. Sad but true.

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1- I’m good with it. I can imagine that 8 players on some of the maps could get pretty Lancer- happy.

2- I think its a big improvement personally.

3- I’ve seen less kill stealing so far in my limited number of matches.

4- I’m not seeing big battles for power weapons so far. In District for example, most people don’t even pick up the Markza. Often the Embar sits in the middle unused for awhile.

5- My guess is they read the feedback on these forums.

6- It’s a good way to hone 1v1s. Some don’t like that there is no lancer and I can understand that. They can’t please everyone but personally I think they did a good job with revamping FFA. It needed something. It was old and stale. Maps sucked and the 14 players was very chaotic with kill stealing left and right. Getting gibbed from behind while in 1v1s was a constant.