FFA is a mode to improve not for WIN

I see a lot of complains about FFA

For me the FFA is just a mode to increase your “Mechanicals-Skill” while having fun + zero preassure. Is the same feeling as playing quake 3 or unreal 3. You play for fun + improve.

The only mistake TC did was add the Mace + special weapons.

Frag grenades , Shock grenades, boltok, enforcer, hammerburst, overkilll are fine

Im loving this mode so far


Yeah I’m enjoying being able to just chill out and play ffa. I am a big gears fan but was disappointed with gears 5 and have played a good amount of ranked matches and my interest was fading but I could see myself playing this mode off and on during gears 5 lifetime especially if they make it a ranked game mode.

I agree. With the amount of power weapons tho, it’s kinda infuriating. The overkill in FFA is almost a match winner. I went off and got 6 kills with it in almost 30 seconds or less.

There’s also some of the worst gears players on this mode too. Rlly high ping players, players that will go at your downed kill, camp a power weapon. Obviously you can steam roll through these guys if you’re smart but sometimes the odd death from some BS is rlly annoying to me for some reason. Also that odd guy rifle spamming while you’re in the middle of a 1v1 or 1v2 and he just mops up your kills and you. Lol.


Ffa is the perfect warmup before going into the ranked playlists. It’s the best way for a newbie to learn all the ins and outs of the gunplay. ‘Get X kills with Y character’? Ffa baby.


I played FFA to get my executions for Lizzie. You die a lot but you respawn quickly and there’s plenty of targets. It feels like I got one arm tied behind my back cause I’m trying to get executions vs their trying to shotgun me.

Yep, Overkill is the most OP weapon in this mode.

There should be zero power weapons, unless it’s snipe, boltok, or torque.


I jumped on FFA yesterday top get my 100 kills for Krampus. Yeah I got 10-11 and stopped playing. I’ll play a few more games to get it and I probably won’t play it again unless something else enticing comes out.

Yes agreed, I think it should stay out of ranked though

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Much easier to go on horde or escape solo in beginner’s mode and get you x kills with y character that way.


True but i’d rather play versus than those 2 gamemodes.

It’s basically judgment all over again, people that didn’t play judgment won’t know how crazy FFA was on there

This is so stupid to say go for your down this is ffa why wouldn’t i

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There shouldn’t be downs in FFA.


To reduce the Steal-Kill problem

1.- The person did more damage to the target will receive the “Kill” if the person “Died” then you willl need perform an “Execution” to receive the kill. Shoting to the body will not count

2.- Just removing the Downs at all if you deal 100 damage you get a kill and if two person shot to the same target the person deal more HP get the kill.

Problem with the Special weapons Overkill etc. Reducing the ammo can be a good start


In a game mode where it is literally everyone for themselves a lot of people on these forums are really caught up on “kill stealing”. Really it’s fair game and how FFA should be, being forced to execute a downed player would be a guaranteed death with how slow the executions are.

Removing downs all together could work, but would just lead to more rifle “kill stealing”. I think the whole whoever did more damage is rewarded the kill idea is a bad idea too, considering how long it takes to fully regen health.

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I think it’s good but what royally pisses me off is the medals want you to win. Why can’t it be something that’s doable, like place top three? They’re killing us with this crap.


Even funnier how Niles says, “Statistically, you are likely to fail. But do try to enjoy yourself.”


Yeah because we all just LOVE sweating our balls off for a win only to be eviscerated by a breaker mace.


FFA was only done well in halo IMO.

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yeah that is mostly how I view this mode, I absolutely play to win but I don’t care when I lose in this mode, it’s super fast paced and I’m back on my feet quickly

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