FFA - especially long queue time [PC + Steam + Europe region]

Greetings gamers. First one i’m apologize for my english. So let’s start and don’t waste the time. I’m new in Gears universe and i’m PC player. After when i finished single campaign i started play multiplayer. It is my first competitive season in this game.

I play a lot of FFA because it’s simple, funny and fast. I was reach Master tier very fast. Then started issues with especially long queue at master tier rank.

My middle range time of queue at this rank: over 25 minutes. Morning, afternoon and early evening i got always 30+ minutes queue. Especially in afternoon: +/- 40 min at queue.

Yesterday i made another record: 1 hour and 16 minutes at queue. Simply i spend my time at queue and i can’t play and enjoy the game.

So did anyone got problem like me? Nobody play this game or what happends? Any tips to fix this problem?

Queue time screenshots:

December 2020 - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EslfV0TW8AAX4Ze?format=jpg&name=large
January 2021 - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EslfV0aXIAEI6f4?format=jpg&name=large
Yesterday queue:

PS: and i didn’t start talking about broken servers and weird control at PC when you use mouse and keyboards (freezing mouse for example). I feel bad for this but don’t lose hope. (=


Well I don’t know much about EU servers other than they’re basically empty. Of course you can always “Drop a ticket” and see if that helps

True. I’ll made it a few days ago. Hope they see my ticket. Yeah i guess you are right. I’m always play on NA servers from EU: 90% games.

The dwindling population let alone at masters doesn’t help either…

Try a different game mode…

As an option. I like FFA so much but can’t play always KOTH or TDM. PVE isn’t for me: i like competition. In this modes queues is a bit faster: for me cca 10 min maybe less i guess.

PS: currently i’m at FFA queue. Same story as above. :rofl: :joy:


Change matchmaking setting to Faster matchmaking…you will get match within 1-2 min with servers in US

Unfortunately for me no. I have exactly the same queue like if i choose setting to good ping for me. Sometimes a 5-10 minutes less queue but same story to be honest: i still talk about FFA.

PS: my internet provider is okay. I have no issues in other games like Overwatch, Dota 2, Halo MCC and etc … For example: sometimes i play Overwatch in America region - i have decent ping (120-140) from Europe (Czech Republic) and decent queue. Why? I guess many people play OW. Simple.

PS2: I guess just nobody plays FFA or something similiar. But still is weird. (=

PS3: Yesterday i played 2 games per 6 hours. I’ts crazy … :disappointed_relieved: :upside_down_face:

Heh. I have same issues with ranked … Can’t find FFA anymore and long queue in other modes

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please help with finding ffa well, for a very long time, and this is one of my favorite modes thanks in advance

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I will leave a few my last screenshots from my neverending queue:

Special thanks to @Livo @Krylon_Blue and other peoples, who explain me (new at Gears) what’s going on in this game. Sad story but it is what it is.

Feels free to use topics with your queue screens or something.

PS: i hope TC do good stuff: fix servers, queue and other stuff. :sunglasses: