FFA dominated by PC players

Every FFA match I play I either lose to or barely beat a PC player. Next FFA match you are in check the top spot. Is that person PC? Right…it’s crap because I can’t turn crossplay off in social. Ranked should be back to normal when it moves to it. PC players are not that much better than the rest of the player base. Superior processors, GPU, input lag and other advantages make them seem so. I loathe PC players because they think they are better than they are. If you are so good why aren’t you competing professionally? Because your advantage is not allowed in competitive play and you get exposed.

Another discision made by those with great and unmatched wisdom at TC, barring me from responding to multiple people on a post that I created. I’ll respond here. The person who said “just turn crossplay off” that’s a ignorant response. You cannot turn it off. The FPS makes a huge difference, you say smoothness of the gameplay, it’s more the ability to see where your opponent is as they can “teleport” and be in a completely different position from where you last saw them. In all previous gears I could strafe and cause players to miss because you could predict their movement and outplay them. No longer. Also the input delay on console is massive. You have a large number of serious players remapping their controllers and switching to Classic Alt to compensate but it doesn’t solve the problem completely. Also the monitors most PC players use has Superior input delay to almost all TVs. So you stack that with a better CPU, GPU, more free ram and K&M you think that’s even? Also yes they are allowing PC in competitive play but if I am not mistaken it is against other PC players. They even break down how different graphics cards make for better play.


I play on PC and let me tell you I stink. The only real advantage I see on the PC is turning, the aim assist on consol more than makes up for it.


In my experience it gives no unfair advantage.

I play on console.


We think we’re better than we are? We don’t… but we clearly are better than you :joy:


While I don’t have a problem with PC players in general, I do find it very annoying when they try to tell you how much better playing on a PC is and how obsolete consoles are etc. Not all of us that play games are hardcore nerds and have the time to be obsessive over PC performance.

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They are allowing PC in esports now

I played a PC player today that had the worst movement I’ve ever seen and he went 30-6.

It was pretty apparent he was using mouse and keyboard. Dude never missed a shot.

But yeah, I don’t really mind playing PC players…I just don’t like playing the ones using a mouse and keyboard. It seems like they always hit their shots no matter what.

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We may hit our shots, but it’s pot luck whether or not they’ll do damage, due to the bug affecting the gnasher on keyboard and mouse right now.

We also suffer from the same issues as controller users. Point blank with full hitmarkers from within gib range? It’s either a no damage shot, 10%, 9X% or a gib.

Game is frustratingly inconsistent with the gnasher. It is worse than any gears game.

When I win a game of FFA, I’m always more annoyed about the deaths that shouldn’t have happened, instead of celebrating the win.

Not saying I’m unkillable, far from it. But at least 50% of my deaths are from the aforementioned BS though, which gets tiresome. That’s a conservative estimate too, it’s probably closer to 70%.

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I’ve fired my gun, no shots come out, I get gibbed and respawn with the full hitmarker showing up after I’ve respawned. It’s a bad joke at this point. It’s like complaining about a scratched taillight on a totaled Ferrari. Or rather a Daewoo in Gears 5’s case.


JTypical Gears, lol.

5 shots fired. 5 hit markers. Enemy hits you once.

He did 100% out of gib range.

You did 0%

So what’s up with the 5 hit markers then?


Why complain? Just turn off crossplay if you don’t want to play with PC players. Problem solved.

Cross play can only turned off for ranked

That’s not an option for social games including FFA.

I would love to have input based matchmaking. You can be on PC but you should only be using a pad if you’re in my game, with that setting on.

what an idiotic thread…


You are one of many people who are misguided on this “input advantage” you speak of. In certain games, such as an FPS, you’d be correct but not Gears. I used to play on Xbox but I’m now on PC, using a controller mind you, and I can’t say I’ve ever lost to a PC player, or even Xbox player, due to input.

You do realize you can use KB/M on Xbox, right? And I assure you those that choose to do so don’t beat you simply because of their input choice

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Honestly pc players are ■■■■ at rushing with the Gnasher they are only good at hiding in corners with the sniper/lancer
So I never minded them, I still haven’t seen a single pc player that plays like moomoomilk in all of my gears experience

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First, how can you tell you’re against PC players in FFA? There’s no lobby icon as far as I know or are you just guessing based on their turn speed?

Even when I was playing on console in the GOWJ days I used to win 80% or more of the FFAs I was in for the month I played that game. I’m 100% sure that wouldn’t change if I were playing on Xbox, especially since I’m using the same peripherals and standard FOV everyone else is. That’s not to toot my own horn or anything, I’m just saying there’s tons of players that have legacy (upwards of 10 years) skill in the game that have moved to PC that you may not be accounting for. :upside_down_face:


Seriously? I mainly play ranked but I just assumed this was on social and I have played a good bit of free for all and I never noticed…

Just limit on PC FPS to 60 on multiplayer and keep unlocked on campaing, horde and escape. Problem solved


can we stop alienating the PC community please? console players can stomp, PC players can stomp. Can we stop acting like only PC players can?