FFA Armor lights for COG; Thoughts?

What’s everyone thoughts on the fact that in FFA, the lights on COG characters’ armor and helmets light up red like Locust/Swarm?

Do you like it like this better, or would you prefer the COG have blue lights like normal versus?

I personally would prefer them having blue lights like normal. Would love to hear others on this.

Although it’s a minor tidbit, yeah I’d prefer the consistent armor lighting too. It’s not like Locust and Swarm get blue lights AFAIK.

It helps remind that it’s ffa
Red is hostile while blue is the more passive color


Didn’t videos and screenshots surface prior to FFA’s release showing, specifically the Onyx Guard before it’s release and even announcement, white lights and eyes?

Well… At least the COG characters now looks demonish. :smiling_imp:

(( Okay… It was just a private FFA againts A.I.s :roll_eyes: ))

I like the red lights. Definitely an interesting look. As long as their lights are blue in team based modes, I’m fine with this.

Plus, it looks like something’s wrong with their mindset, seeing as how they kill their friends for Niles’ amusement.

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I think the red looks nice on some of the characters, the Onyx Guard and Carmines for sure.

This too. If everyone was COG like you and blue–I could see myself getting confused once in awhile since sometimes I’ve even confused myself in normal PvP matches.

That was just a normal PvP trailer, I think they had white eyes for Bots or it was just a design choice, but like Blue in FFA the White might confuse some players at first in the heat of battle whether or not he’s a friendly. Probably a balancing choice why they stuck with Blue LEDs for the Onyx Guard.

Onyx Guards always had blue LEDs and eyes from their initial design in 3 either bots or human players alike. I figured the white was to signify no team. Maybe they made them red for FFA for the exact reason you said about confusion, however, if someone gets confused about ally or enemy in FFA they should probably just stop playing online altogether lol

Like I said it happens. Call me crazy but when your adrenaline is pumping and you’re used to having teams, having said teammates appear in blue or white would be confusing and act as a neutral agent in the mind to confuse players and lead to frustration.

Yes but the new Onyx Guards are a redesign.

Yes but the new Onyx Guards are a redesign.

True, however, I seriously doubt they were considering keeping the eyes and lights white. There is already a lot of backlash regarding their current design, lack of unique voice lines, and reusing the COG soldier voice instead of the more bad ■■■ voice from 3 that if they had white lights fans would be even more enraged than they are now

The backlash to the design and voice only came after the game launched, not before when the white lights were shown in the trailer. I don’t follow this line of thought.

It kinda seemed you insinuated that, considering they’re a redesign, that the white lights were originally and intentionally going to be part of their final design.

Idk I’m at the end of a 10 hour work day so my brain might just be mush right now lol

No my point was that maybe the White Lights were considered to be apart of the design but was scrapped, such as other elements that’ve come out in marketing but the Devs have recently come to say were false, (Like the MK2 Lancer in Carmine Trailer, Booshka).

Got ya. Maybe the character was incomplete at the time but they wanted to get a trailer out too.

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Carmine’s eyes look sick with the red same with the onyx guards