FFA 2.0 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

With the drop of Op4, FFA has undergone some major changes.

The Good - Adding the regular versus maps to the roster gives that sense of familiarity to the playing field whilst letting us kill (Gary Oldman voice) EVERYYYYOOOOOOONE! on our favourite maps like Bunker, District and Reactor etc.

The Bad - Dropping the player count (for casual, at least) to 8 players has massively impacted the flow of the matches, making it more of a hunt than a chaotic, nonsensical bloodbath with everyone vying for top place. For the Ranked skubs, however, I totally support this.
What TC SHOULD do as compromise is potentially up the player count for casual FFA to 10 people, seeing as the core maps are designed for 5v5.

The Ugly - The insistence to force me and many others into HAVING to use a Shotgun is rather tiresome as some of us actually wanna either be cover-hogging gunslingers or run around being chainsaw maniacs. Hell, I’d rather take the dubiously-powerful Snub over the shotty at this point…
It was bad enough TC rolled the crappy Gnashers Only mode into the regular FFA playlist, but this takes the biscuit.
Perhaps put the Lancer in as a loadout choice so a player has to conciously choose between 1 or the other, much like smoke or flashbang. It’s already given what most folks would pick (Gnasher in case some of you needed clarity), so this would not make the wallbouncing minority cry too hard (hopefully…).

Other than that, FFA is still in the limbo of being messed about with.

Bit of a side note but I never used the lancer in the old FFA when it was available. Far more effective rushing with a shotgun or too risky not having it equipped when getting rushed.

I feel the same way about the new FFA but I guess if it’s fun for others then why not. I guess they were worried ppl would just lancer from high ground scooping up other people’s downs which might be pretty annoying. Just my thoughts…