FFA 14 playlist

You should allow parties in this Playlist. It’s not ranked and would be fun killing your friends.

Ranked or not people would still team

Crazy idea people would take the piss and team up

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Granted some people would team but for non ranked who really cares. Plus only one of them could still win. Now I can’t speak for anybody else but killing friends would be super fun I mean it’s fun playing with them but being able to go head to head with them would be just as great to. Nothing better than destroying friendships one headshot at a time. Takes me back to the n64 goldeneye/perfect dark days.

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Got double teamed on stream a couple times, no thanks.


who cares ? The guy getting hazzed or 3 guys double teaming a solo . Some poor guys is trying to get into gears and now he has 3 or 4 guys hunting him tee bagging him etc. gears community tends not to be nice.

Every game comes with it’s fair share of ■■■■■■ bags it’s not specific to just gears and again this isn’t ranked so it’s not like it really counts for anything. Simply put it would be alot of fun to play ffa against other friends and don’t bother saying do a private match because if there’s only 2 or 3 of you that’s not alot of fun you need at least 6-8 for an enjoyable ffa.

THEY SHOULD make a KOTH game type with FFA. Now that would be sweet.


It’s called FFA not, Team against the rest.
Isn’t there FFA in the custom games ?

Get 8 friends ? *7
Make a lfg ?

Golden Eye was great, but afair that was only up to 4 wasn’t it.

Oh man the chaos ring hold ffa would be insane.

Yeah good old pre online days when you had to actually go to your buddies how did we ever survive LoL but alas oddjob slappers only ftw.
Also you may not have 6-8 buddies on or maybe they don’t all like multi to many variables and as public doesn’t really count for anything anyways who’s it hurting?

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Well the random peoples fun might be hurting and it is really against the idea of it. But for social FFA8 mhhhhh maybe, that one is really unimportant.

The thread is about the FFA14 event and that is a definite no. Limitied Time, relevant for medals, so no that FFA needs to stay FFA.

It would need to be a Blitz variant if it has any hope of working.

Or significantly speed up the capture time.

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