Few Request for Characters

Hello, actually I am new to this forum and I hope the developers of this good game sees this message because I kindly ask for few enhancements for characters.
• During my plays I see most people (also myself) use Halo DLC and characters like KAT and Emile and I know they are not main characters for this game so maybe thats why they have less ability comparing to rest of the characters. However; most people choose them and “suffer” from their lack abilities; for example Emile has only 8 ability cards and most useful one(my decision) can only be obtained by reaching level 16 !!. Also Emile has very good main ability shield wall, cage whatever its name which I can not shoot when I am inside interestingly though Mac has kind of same shield wall but he shoots wherever he wants=) I accept they added some cards for Kat prior but still I believe not enough (comparing with other mechs in game). I kindly ask from developers to add some special abilities for “not main” characters including Terminator Film’s Heroes.
• As Gears we play hours to level up our character, hero and at the end of the Horde game we gain useful cards also not that useful ones like my self with Jack having 80 copies of one ability card that I NEVER USED and If I choose to use then I believe 70 copies will be worthless. Instead of this situation, It would be absolutely great to “trade” these unused copies with “junks” which allows us to obtain skins for weapons, Totem Cards, etc. Just a suggestion from a loyal Gear.
• Mechs ( Del, Baird, Kat) have special roles, kill more grubs with turrets etc, can not have any perks during Horde play, no arguement here, but It would be great as mechs or any suitable character to buy from fabricator a mobile barricade which can be used as PLACE TO COVER BEHIND like stationary places, shoot above, etc. This new adding can enhance the game because including me, most people put fabricator same places in evey map I don’t blame them because player knows where to hide, where to defend but Horde mode is about to become “same s… different day” situation which I don’t want to see. A mobile cover place (can be destroyable maybe with few boom shots) may give gears a new view, new possibilities, new strategies perhaps. Just a suggestion from a loyal Gear.
Thank you

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Welcome to the forums :+1:.
A couple of good points there.
I miss boomshields love them in gow 2.

Thank you :grin:
Good point, I forgot the Boomshields which were very effective both offensive and defensive situations
It would be nice to see it again :ok_hand::sunglasses: