Few Questions regarding Jack

How does the “Only regen in cover”-mutator affect Jack? No health-regen unless you go down? Can it be bypassed with the healing rate card for Jack himself? Does the healing beam heal other player outside of cover?

Does his new passive ability work on bosses? Played 3 matches with randoms just now and they said there was a notable difference when I zapped the Matriarch/Carrier.

Jack has always been best Engi but this would truly elevate him above Del/Baird.

HerrKatzchen you should know of all people since you had said before that only people who have mastered every map know about the state of PVE? Isn’t that right?

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This sickens me. But truth hurts.

I’ve also been wondering about this though and the spot heal from Medic.

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Jack is unaffected by that mutator, and the passive can work on bosses but it’s finicky. Also I can’t say for sure, but it seems like his repair costs are much higher than other engineers for some reason.


He ignores the modifier. He can regenerate health on his own as usual. No cards required.


I hope so. Not sure if the beam has to be actively dealing damage or if it just has to connect with an enemy.

His repair costs are more than tripled. It’s too heavy of a downside imo to consider him a valid primary engineer.

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No idea tbh. I never play Del/Baird but in Frenzy Money was never an issue for me. And he has a perk for repair-cost so that helps.

From what I’ve heard you have to zap them for the effect to kick in. It’s a shame the beam doesn’t stun Wardens anymore but at least zapping Matriarch/Carrier is easy enough when no other enemies are around. Swarmark and Kestrel probably won’t work.

And just for clarity since you already got a response from me. That’s not what I said, stop putting words in my mouth.

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F… Yeah! All Jack Advanced Horde Frenzy! :sunglasses:


Tried this on Master frenzy with some randoms. We were doing fantastic 'till wave 8 when we couldn’t manage to kill the last enemy… which of course was a Guardian :l

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We had got an unkillable Pouncer. So one of the Jack took control over it who also had got the explosion card.

Jack also repairs stupid slowly :rofl::rofl::rofl:, id say he’s worst mechanic.

130% faster at Lv6. That’s quicker than Del could ever be + increased range and you’re not Engi only. Del/Baird are probably the most useless classes right next to COG Gear.

Perks and decreased rate by a potential bug

Waste of energy.


Perks are better then 80000 sentries and barricaded depending on classes and skill on power taps etc

Sentries are garbage but Barriers never hurt. It’s actually the only thing you really need besides maybe lockers.

Comes down to personal preference. Jack is simply more versatile and not a walking Blowtorch made out of paper.

You don’t really need barriers tbh, many master runs can be done with no barriers with enough DPS and high level cards :man_shrugging:t2:, you could get away with using sentries aswell too though tbh they’re fine, a good group will always have more power then they could want to use anyhow.


Regardless barriers are nice to block enemies off to get easy JD shots off etc.

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