Few questions please help out?

Where is the savage drone the one with the breathing tubes? Also what happened to the lancer gl? I never see it anymore in multiplayer.

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Savage drone hasn’t been added and GL is still on Training Grounds in quickplay i think.

Savage drone isnt in game and the GL is on certain maps.

Two that come to mind are training grounds and bunker.

Also on Vasgar.


I think they took it out of vasgar. Been a while since I seen the weapon.

It should spawn on left side, near COG spawn.

It should be on more maps. The “Freedom Lancer” that is.

Long Live Guardian!!!


Yep it’s now Dropshot and Boomshot there, lol


May the wings of liberty never lose a feather!!!

Long Live Guardian!!

@ll_R_E_D_l I love how you started what is probably thr biggest meme in gears 5 with the freedom lancer


The only way it could be more American is if the Eagle was made out of cheese.

Dunno why all guns ain’t in comp rotation tbh

I want the tri shot, mulcher, salvo and lancer GL back.

None of the above are any more annoying than the boomshot anyway.

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He can’t hear you over his MILITARY GRADE TINNITUS

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The eagle actually needs to be made out of McDonalds “beef”.