Few people in horde?

Today at 18:48, looking for personalized difficulty elite or madness, I only have 6 or 7 games left and when I look for a game I get into a session with only one person or two that is the most common thing that happens to me.

Thats odd. I always seem to have a lot of games to choose from, Despite limiting the difficulty 6-7 games sounds like few. Most of the time I start my own and within a couple of waves we are a full team.

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I had exactly the same issue, i think the matchmaking is messed up (again).

I tried like 20 times t get a game on Insane, kept placing me with another person and within the last seconds of the countdown a third joined and loaded us in just three of us.

Like i said i tried like 20 times kept getting the same result.

This needs to be fixed !

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