Feral Horde Pack #2

Greetings !

All I want to tell is, (if you like to agree or not) that it would be nice and awesome to add a second Feral horde pack. Since one year ago these packs came out that you see here below.


Personally I would like the idea, since in those previous packs we missed the Tiger weapon skins. Well, actually it only included the Tiger Swarm Drone character on the special horde event last year.

On the other hand, it would be nice to include other weapon skins, (I don’t know, maybe) for example, a Zebra skin, Jaguar skin, Lion skin, etc. And of course, include horde cards to level up Soldier, Scout, Engineer, Heavy and Sniper skills.

For last, it would be great to organize a new horde event to unlock new swarm drone characters that match with there respective set of weapon skins mentioned above.

With no more to add, thank you for your attention and time.


A zebra…? A black and white horse…?

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It would be nice to ditch the skin cards from those packs and only include epic horde cards :wink:


I definitely would like another shot to get that Swarm Tiger Drone!

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Why the character skins of this pack aren’t destroyable ?
These dupes are useless…

TC, can you unlocked the system, please : we need destroy duplicate character ?!
Many months we claim it… It’s time to move.

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I too would love to have new Feral Horde Packs available. They’ve said they’re working on it in What’s Up July 26, 2018:

Don’t think we haven’t heard your cries for the return of the credit-based Feral Packs though Horde fans. We’re working on bringing them back sometime in the future.

Source: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/whatsup-july26-2018

Hoping they make a re-entry soon!

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They really should guarantee at least one epic horde skill card in packs now with the game being this old


im glad i completed all the cheetah,snowtiger and tiger skins together with the drone variants of these, but the feral packs was the greatest pack given to us when it comes to rarae purple horde skills i almost completed all the horde rare cards with this im just missing 1 cloak and i unlocked every card, hope they bring this back

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Agree but it would kill the money pack with same guarantee.

Just played 24 levels and when I left (LMS) it came back with an error and couldn’t update stats. Buggy or what. Hope they eventually show up.

Our :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: were heard. Tomorrow these packs will finally return.

Excited to get them back. I need to get that explosive headshot to 6 for my sniper. Wouldn’t mind some more magic bullets too! Fingers crossed!

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Epic cards lvl 6 that I only have are:

  1. Hammer of Dawn Strike

  2. Syphon

  3. Resupply

  4. Sniper Strike

Hope I can level up more.

Go for Overclock. The best one.

Just need 16 cards to make it. Bro.

There were weekends I got lucky. Several epics came from public horde loot.

You should try it.

(Most came after I already had lv. 6 cards, but anyway…)

Isn’t Siphon still broken?

What do you mean by it’s broken?

I heard not to upgrade it past level 2 because the bonus is broken meaning it doesn’t increase as it says it does.

After opening a total of 500 packs I got 142 epic cards. I think TC should include an achievement if you manage to have all the common, rare and epic cards at maximum level. Because with this pack it is possible to achieve that goal easily.