#FenixCollection (Twitter) - Main thread

Hi all, I hope this is within the rules to post here. I’m posting this to raise awareness of what some of the community are attempting to achieve, not to create spam.

As some of you may have seen, Twitter has recently blown up with #FenixCollection. This stems from this Tweet here.

@NEON_VEL0CITY Is putting a lot of effort into trying to make it known that the community need to work together to have a solid voice in order to highlight that we’d really like to see this happen.

The intention is that we show enough interest in a remaster of Gears 1, Gears 2 and Gears 3 all able to run at 120fps with crossplay enabled in order to bring the whole community together on current generation devices. (I know that UE was made however it’s certainly lacking in some areas).

I understand people have their concerns but I’m not here to argue, I just want to appeal to those who are interested.

If you’d like to try and help support the cause, simply take to Twitter and create a Tweet that includes #FenixCollection.

Hey, even Griffin knows how cool it’d be! (Responding to @KingAbzYT)

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, I’m sorry if this goes against any forum rules. This post is purely to raise awareness of a cause some of the community are interested in. No official announcement has been made that this exists. @TC_Sera


You’re in general discussion, and it concerns the Gears Series. As long as the thread remains constructive and doesn’t get out of hand, it’s fine here :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Why should it not include J?

Ok, ok, it’s a spinoff and was not very well received and all, but still.

And it does at least feature Marcus’ voice.

I seriously doubt if this will actually happen based on what seemed like a not completely serious response from the marketing director(?) of Xbox, certainly not expecting TC to do it while they sort out the mess that is Gears 5 and/or work on 6. Not trying to put the idea down btw.


If I’m honest I feel like you answered yourself here.

It may not happen, as I said this is just something the community seem to be interested in. This is the most I have seen the community work together for anything in YEARS. If nothing more it shows TC what the community would like to see.


TC doesn’t necessarily have to work on it. There are other developers out there that Microsoft could task it to.

Adding a caveat, the story and Overrun could at least be redone. The MP, well… we all know how that one went.

And you’re right that people are passionate about making this happen. Sadly I’m not entirely sure if the point will come over to TC. Time will tell.

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Not a bad idea. TC certainly won’t do it. So yes, perhaps have another studio possibly do it.

We also have JD himself (Liam McIntyre) gave some acknowledgement as well. Plus a few xbox articles have popped up!


Oh really? I didn’t know that.

Even if this never happens I think it’s great to see so many people showing interest in it.

I could see that happening down the line maybe like with the MCC having Reach and ODST in it.

I would love to see a Fenix Collection to give Gears 6 as much time as it needs.

It’s a win-win.


The only reason i would love to have a “MCC” of gears is for the sole purpose of having all the games in one place, And revive some of the old multiplayers.

Real talk tho, a release of a collection could potentially attract more and new players to the franchise, specially on pc since the games were mostly console exclusive. And could finally recommend them to some friends that never had the chance to play the og games :slight_smile:

With them being remasters, just about any studio could do it I’d think.

With Gears 6, I’d personally be more fearful if TC didn’t develop it actually. Like it or not they know more about Gears than any other potential developer at this point.


They shall hear the community loud and clear! Also I’d recommend anyone reading to check this tweet https://twitter.com/therazorededge/status/1318997166728372229?s=21

As you can vote there to voice whether you’d like to see this or not, Currently on 2k votes so let’s keep pushing it!


Queen Myrrah…in 8k 120fps…


Jesus christ this caught on fast

If they were to do it I can see it happening late into the gears 5 lifespan when they’ve already started on the drawing board for 6 and want something to occupy the players with.

Gimme that Dolby Atmos !!!

The Voice overs, the soundtrack, all :100:

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Haha oh yeeeeesh, I agree! How could I forget!

Queen Myrrah’s voice in complete 3D Surround Sound…I’d have the TV at maximum volume :joy: