Female Locust Characters

Wait what?

Elite hunter isn’t female.

The voice actor for elite hunter is female though.

Nah, that refers to the Sires “hunting” you. It’s part of the description. I still haven’t figured out why and when they trigger exactly so TC did a good job on that one.

Yes, she is.


Ahh ok. GoW wiki page confirms this

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Don’t trust those. There’s a lot of false info in those.

The official artbook confirmed it as well though.

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Yes it does.
Just because they bring in stupid stuff doesn’t mean we have to encourage even more stupid stuff.

Why does it matter what gender they are.

May as well be non-binary.

I didnt even know hunter was a female until a couple weeks ago how could you even tell doesnt look female doesnt sound female just a creature in a game.

But for clarity on the topic

So what you have asked is already in the game just not playable.

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Myrrah is technically Locust but human like in form
If memory serves me correctly from the dumpster fire of 5