Female Locust Characters

Can we get some female locust characters?

Like a thin body version of a grenadier elite or drone?

I don’t want female swarm because each variation looks roughly similar and their all plain.

Would like playable female locust characters in multiplayer as well.


Ironic that their AI is progammed to be backstabbing

You could play as Myrrah or as Reyna too

Technically Myrrah is a human right? And Reyna looks like she’s made out a type of stone; kryptonite or plutonium head ■■■

Nvm Overlooked the Locust part.
Berserkers say hi,

Locust and Swarm are the same thing with different coating.

Imagine a beserker in FFA? lmao

Excluding the Queen, Queen Myrrah’s vessel (Reyna) and the Swarm Hunter, it’s an absolute no.

It doesn’t make any sense from a lore stand point.


A smaller Berserker would look sillier than Sraak, RAAM or the Wardens do in Versus.

it doesn’t have to fit the lore.

If the devs can bring in these colorful WWE characters that no one wanted then surely they can make new locust characters for the purpose of players using/ fighting them in multiplayer

& that sums up gears 5.

Aye, he’s back @TC_Clown


Not necessarily, the timing of the response was too perfect.

I’ve moved on. Just seeing what my childhood game was up too.

Apparently more woman as swarms, good to know.

& hi @HerrKatzchen

Take care beautiful people :v: don’t take 5 too serious…


the Hunters are the female locust characters

I just wanted to ask about Swarm Hunters.

When TC puts an image with female characters, Swarm Hunter was there. I miss (or don’t remember) when or where (in gameplay) you learn about Swarm Hunters being females.

And my question is:

Are every Hunter female?. Reading the description of Hunters (at least in english), you didn’t get any clues.

Also, is the Hive “The Hunters” referred to Swarm Hunters? Because if it’s true, maybe I found an error in translation.

You don’t get told ingame.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember reading here some months ago a topic asking (or debating) about Hunters being females.

I just read 2 or 4 posts and after that I forgot to keep reading.

Well, if “The Hunters” is for Swarm Hunters, in spanish the hive is called “Los Hunters” (That’s why I believe that the hive took the name for Swarm Hunters, because Hunters didn’t get a translation (Cazadores)). Well, now the hive will be called “Las Hunters”.

Truth is that I didn’t play that hive since I mastered on the same OP that it appeared (OP 1 if I’m not mistaken).

I’ll have to change my Xbox to Spanish language to see if the hive is still called “Los” instead of “Las”, but I forgot to do it :roll_eyes:

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Yes, it was an OP1 Hive :slight_smile:

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Yes, but that filth you refer to is a third party. I’m well aware there are “Gears” characters that obviously aren’t in the likes of Campaign, like the Nutcrackers and so on, but at the end of the day they’re variants of actual lore characters.

Unless it was a variant of another character, like a “Queen Kait” for example, then it just doesn’t work.