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Feedback on the latest Gnasher update

The new Gnasher feels too powerful and sort of clumsy. It’s far more reliable at range than up close, which is the exact opposite of how it should be.
The previous version of the Gnasher was fine and definitely the best it has been in Gears 5 thus far. I think the Gnasher changes should be reverted to how it was before this update. Minus the ammo change. The increase of starting ammo was the only good change to come out of this Gnasher update.


Yup I 100% agree. Before this update i was having epic Gnasher battles. Now its just a one shot down fest.


Agreed, doubling the damage at range was too much. The prior update was the best the gnasher has felt since gears 4 for me.


While I hate the gib range nerfs, there were at least battles with the previous increased poke damage.
This double damage buff is just insane! I dont think I’ve been killed by people im not fighting this much before.
No more duals, just getting third partied by some guy miles away.


100 % also.


Agreed. The shot is way too far. Feels like half the distance of a Lancer. Last update was very good. This update I don’t even bother with shotgun battles. Just fire 2 shots from far away,get the down. Then run up and kill. Back to no skill play


As it is right now, you can snub them a few times and go in for a one shot gnasher down.

seems they’ve acted super quick on the feedback it was too far and gone to a middle ground which is good. Fair play for the quickness that they’re looking at this

I havent played yet is the difference noticeable?

Nah. We dont want more ammo. We want a bigger clip size back to 8 or at the very least 7.
But other than tht i agree with you.

Honestly. I think the poke damage of 100 was too much and now its 200. Thts insane. I think it should be at 65 to 75. Tht or have serious drop off. But thts the thing. There is no drop off until ur 30 plus yrds away. Thts almost half the map

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Are you talking about today tht something was changed?? Yesterday the damage was insane. Havnt played today but will be in about 15 mins

new update is ok but I prefer the January gnasher update before the long range damage. I had longer shotgun battles without getting two shot down from 10ft. I do like the strafe speed increase and wall bouncing is smoother…I just don’t like how the other player looks hyper bouncing it looks like they are “crab walking” I had the same issue with gears 4 the wallbouncing just looks silly in some instances

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Im having tons of fun after the gnasher update, and rn feel it way better than before. Getting killed by 2 shots from 10ft was annoying af.

Agreed new update is horrible it sas actually nearly there before the update. 88% 89% 98% 79%

It’s funny, just when you get good at the new update they update it again and you have to readjust your gameplay I am getting a slew of 84%‘s.


I’m just gonna say it.

It’s all in your heads.

I’ve been playing gnasher only koth for the last 3 days, and it seems nothing has changed in that time period.

Same distance, same damage. Unless octus wants to directly say I’m wrong, I’m going to say this is all placebo effect.

FYI a small change was made.


Right im sick of gettin sniped with the shotgun why the fk is it way stronger to where u can get 1 shot downs from far as hell

Thanks for informing us. Gonna have to give it a try soon :+1:

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I just can’t fathom why this is so hard to get right. Give us everything about Gears 4 and 5 with movement, graphics, sounds…and apply Gears 2 weapon settings/damage outputs/range, or some hybrid of Gears 2 and 3. I genuinely don’t understand how they keep screwing that up. They are constantly overthinking it and it’s simple. So simple.