Feedback on TC's community interaction

Yeah but in today’s world of instant info. sending out a tweet doesn’t take that much time.

Its like when your friend says they don’t have enough time to say hi in text but has the time to tell you they don’t have time.

It’s not the time it takes to update an ETA.
It’s the fact that until you know exactly what needs to be done and are mostly finished then any kind of estimate is a wish or a lie and with such a passionate community then estimating December and finding out that it’s going to be April or maybe even never just begets more frustration.

The taking the time to explain why you couldn’t say hi analogy would need them not saying hi for it to be equivocal. Since they are saying they know and that they’re looking into it then that’s the hi it’s just that when you ask how are doing that they’re saying - “I dunno” instead of something less vague.

If people don’t have enough patience to accept that they haven’t completed enough research to give an accurate estimate yet then they very well might not have enough patience to be magnanimous if a rush to estimate is inaccurate.

A live look at the community and TC’s level of engagement:


Well unless they have millions of bugs they could you know have created a tracker for major bugs…but I guess we needed baltisa in the campaign more


Satisfied? :thinking:


@TC_Sera has made a point in two different threads as to why that isn’t as simple as it sounds.

But I’m sure she’ll gladly give you further explanations if needed. Well, when it’s no longer the middle of night over where TC is at.




Has @TC_Sera said if it would be possible to also put this info on the forums?

That way people who use twitter get the info and those who use the forums but not twitter also get the info.

I was not involved in the discussion or decided to ask her in a forum message so I think you’d have to wait for a response here or send one yourself.

I would agree that posting Twitter messages as banners or something here would also be useful for those that don’t check there when there is things like server issues. Even I don’t very regularly.


I was responding to your claim that instant info capabilities meant that they could have ETA’s.
A tracker for major bugs may have tangential relevance to ETA’s but to go there is a change of scope and focus.
Did you care about ETA’s or are you just frustrated and lashing out?
There are still a lot of bugs and doing things that take time which could be fixing those bugs annoys me too but my point still stands that ETA’s are best given when confidence is high that the estimate is accurate.
Also TheeBluejay has posted the major bug tracker you didn’t seem to know about.
I want the bad things fixed too and I’m somewhat confident that focusing on one issue at a time is the best way.
You notice how that means fixing bugs before adding Bautista but it also means focusing on one complaint before raging against another. If you think that they didn’t care about the bugs because they focused on Bautista then you might notice how somebody could think that you don’t care about ETA’s because you also focused on Bautista.
Apparently it happens :laughing:

We try, but the best spot really is the News section that is listed at the top of the page with the rest of the handy links.

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They should’ve have everything there is to be known on the forums.

I don’t have any social media because it’s full with political junk.

Like idc what politics you believe in it’s all the same to me.


Of the worst things in life, politics are number 1 on my list.

Can’t stand listening to constant slandering from both sides. Or the constant text messages telling me to vote for one person or another.


That’s why I stick to the forums

No real politics


If TC are in charge of 6 aswell… Gears is fooked.

We are over a year in and we still have pretty much a shell of a game. Anyone that says this is better than judgement needs to put the glass pipe down.

The way TC have handled Gears is nothing short of whatless. How can a company that claim they “love” gears, decimate the game to the heap of steaming turd that it is now? Can anyone please explain that to me?

We may aswell have ljn take over.


I don’t need instant answers. Just timely ones.

Like maybe they could fix the audio on all fsthers when the gates open…blasts my ear drums

AS LONG as this operation 5 doesnt include another SLOW DOWN ,DELAY.
I WILL Consider it a win.

Every operation that comes out , makes this game evem slower than it was the previous.
Except for op.2. Which TC were praised for. And tht was thrown out the door like it never existed.

I already know. More than half the new maps coming out are going to be junk

Hope im wrong but from the speculation ive seen. Im.not too pleased to say the least.

They don’t read anything.

Save your time.

Only people that listen are the people.

These dudes just do whatever they want.

Destroy tdm. Add unnecessary skins from
Other games/Hollywood.

Don’t address there servers.

Don’t hype us up for new content.

Make beardless Marcus.

No PvE events.

They’re slacking hard. So nah, they don’t read or care. I’m 100% convinced.

They probably just think we’re angry gamers. They’re so dense I try not to even address it anymore unless I see it on posts like this one.

I hated 5’s story too.

Completely disengage JD from the story & We see Del’s soft baby sitter side… I won’t even get into that. I just didn’t enjoy it. My cousin didn’t enjoy it & he enjoys everything.

Save your time dude. These dudes are unpredictable.

I complained about crossing I’m koth & they destroyed tdm for it. Hah. Hah. I’m beyond frustrated with these guys.

I love the game & I’ll stand by it which is why I’m strongly about it.

In the end I’ll defend 5 but I’m real critical & so far these guys listen when they want but so much unnecessary stuff more than the good they do.

I just blow it off. They don’t care. They rather have other projects than upgrade their game. That alone says a lot.

Save your thoughts dude.


Let’s add Casan’s Laughing emote to that list


I still have a support ticket active which is now 13 months old (submitted 13 October 2019) and there has still be no news about the phase 3 Matchmaking fix for the underprivileged countries which can’t access decent multiplayer lobbies (i.e. Australia) since January.

This doesn’t even register on the Trello board and I’ve chased my support ticket twice now and still heard nothing further.

I understand COVID and all that which has impacted on the development cycle of the game, but honestly I’ve been super patient and it pains me when it’s taken this long to get something looked into