Feedback on TC's community interaction

So im just going to cut to the chase, @the-coalition your interaction with the community is still pretty sub-par, and while yes its nice to have @TC_Sera on these forums and interacting with the community its nowheres near what it should be.

Let me explain

We are 3 weeks from operation 5, what is supposed to be the big PvE update and what do we know about it, Classes and characters are being seperated and maybe fabrecator changes to prevent lane blocking. 3 weeks out and thats all we know, I know you always say “We cant talk about future content” but you guys realise at this point its hurting you more than its helping, im sure you want to wait to the last minute to attempt to generate hype, but come on at this point you got to know that most of the community doesnt get hyped about anything anymore.

Quite honestly your best bet at this point is to tell us whats coming in op5, even if it isnt all final (although it should be), because at this point the community just wants to know whats going on beforehand to at least provide some feedback and know what has been fixed.

Plus lets be honest, dropping all your info only one day before launch of op5, kinda shows that you either A. Work on stuff right up to Microsoft Cert(would explain the bugs) or B. it just takes that long to know what you changed because you dont keep track (would explain all ths suprise features we find on patch day).

Speaking on patches lets talk about, the complete lack of patch notes for updates unless they are big TU’s, I cannot explain how bad this is, making changes but never saying what is changed, great example, yesterday fairly big patch 800MB and what changed, nobody knows. We dont care if you change one thing or 100 you should be releasing patch notes explaining what has been changed.

Another thing too, patch notes should explain all changes, not just what you decide to tell us, to my knowledge every. single. patch. has had “suprise” changes or features, and once again I cannot explain how bad this is, this is part of the reason why people just plain dont trust you TC, we are never getting the whole picture and why is that, well we dont know.

The most important thing for ANY company is that the customer trusts you and has faith that you will deliver, now I consider myself a patient person that is willing to give game companys chance after chance, but my patience is running out and I have very little faith in you TC, and I have no doubt many share that feeling, so your goal should not be to try to hype people up for op5 with dripfed content within the last few weeks or all at once prior to launch day because that doesnt show confidence to me, in fact quite the opposite, the fact that you withhold information on upcoming updates that are so close says to me that your not quite sure what has been changed and/or your struggling to hit that op5 content goal.

I get the whole not talking about future content and it makes sence to a point, but there is a fine line between sharing stuff way to early and keeping stuff secret far too long, and im sure you can guess where you fall on this scale.

So im sure your not interested in what I think you should do but im gonna say anyway, first things first, tell us how the classes and character decoupling is going to work, since that seems to be a big part of what op5 is going to be.

Next start to tell us what is going on fix and change wise, so this is ALL bug fixes, nurfs, buffs, tweaks, and changes, not just to cards/classes, but any visual changes, charcter remodels, weapon tunings in both PvP and PvE.

After that the new things, so all features, characters, maps, new gamemodes, and any other thing that would be considered “New”, now personally I would advise you drop this info over the next few weeks to not give us a mile long post prior to op5.

Now what about after? After, you guys need to put out a roadmap, showing 1-2 months ahead of time, doesnt need to be fancy, doesnt need to be super detailed (something as simple as saying “new class” is enough for me), dates dont need to be exact just having an ETA would be nice, just showing off what we should expect for the next TU(s) would be nice and would also start to give the community confidence, well it would for me at least, as long as you dont withhold info, like I stated you dont need to be exact when it comes to new stuff but still telling us whats going on or is planned would be nice.

Also having ETA’s on bugs rather than just “looking into it” would be nice.

Hopefully this not only hits TC eyes but gets a bit of consideration, Oh and sorry for the long post.


Have they said it’s Nov 10 or Nov 17? That’s still up in the air?

Nov 10 for campaign, Nov 17 for op5.


While we agree, ETAs cannot be done incase things happen, such as delays in patches; things breaking; COVID; etc. Squid happens, and it’s been clear many times that if we ETA and then something happens to change that, people will be more angry that we gave a date to a fix than if we hadn’t.


To try and support you further:
Dana wasn’t saying anything at all about issues that had been raised because “people would consider them promises then be mad when they weren’t in the next update”
It is a tremendous improvement to grow beyond that mistake and recognize that he could acknowledge an issue without promising when it would be done.
Looking into it is much better than avoiding it and as a programmer it is MUCH BETTER to say looking into it until you know enough about it to give an estimate. The root cause may not be known, the remedy may be unknown or untested - until enough is known then looking into it is the best answer; it is a much better answer than silence after people got mad about estimates that didn’t work out to precision.


And if I am saying it’s being looked it, by and by, what I mean is “So I’m poking and learning who to poke so I can poke because y’all have asked and submitted tickets and brought it up and deserve to know, at the very least, that it is being looked at and worked on, and attempts are being made.”


Speaking of feedback, when the forum will be the number 1 place to look for info?

Many times TC post in Twitter (and maybe more social platforms, IDK) and not here.

Last week was an error getting exp after match, Gears Twitter had the answer. A good video promoting Halloween events and skins, Twitter have it, not here

I don’t like twitter, reddit or similar. I joined the forums because it’s the Official forum for Gears (back in the day when Gears 2 was the “new” Gears).


I completely agree. Making the official forums the number 1 source of latest info would encourage more players to join and interact with the community.
I personally don’t like information spread out across multiple websites. Having a one-stop go to destination for all the latest information would be appreciated.


This is so true, I truly don’t understand the reasoning within the “Communications” department. Take the last trailer for example, I think it is brilliant, it covers everything content wise and it is beautifully designed and executed. The problem? All the so called hype TC put into it was an image hinting at Zombie Carmine 1 hour before the trailer was released and the trailer itself released at the same time of the update? Can’t call it anything but stupid. They should’ve released the zombie image on Tuesday and the trailer on Thursday , that way they would’ve created some hype.

Dana’s signature saying “We can’t talk about future content” is the main reason G5 has no hype at all. If the Director of Communications says we can’t talk about it then I doubt anyone else would dare take the initiative and create some actual hype for the game. I’m not talking about spoiling the surprise, just a hint here and there. That zombie Carmine image was great, but should’ve been released days before instead of a few hours.

I remember last year when the first patches were released and people asked about it, TC fought about it being not necessary or irrelevant. They later changed their mind and provided info on big patches, sadly they already forgot about being “transparent” with us.

I couldn’t agree more. The Trello Board was great because we now have at least the certainty that bugs are being worked on instead of praying that TC read the feedback but we do need something equivalent in terms of content or major changes coming to the game.


Carefully written with clear ideas and easy to read, thanks for taking the time to do it.


Have to agree with @x00FireWolf00x on this, some of TCs communication on these official forums have been pretty non existent regards to information about bugs and content.

The recent 4x xp was listed as a multiplayer bonus, which in gaming terms is pvp, as escape/horde is classed as coop. I asked if this was the case and got no answer.

Also the issue with macs face… Why was it changed?? No answer.

Not giving answers or information leads to everyone guessing and giving inaccurate info.

My guess about macs face is its been changed for the new dlc coming out and the guy the played mac has been replaced…:man_shrugging:
But only TC know

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Nov 10 - New Xbox and Tactics
Nov 17 - Operation 5

This is confirmed from Dana’s twitter and dev stream.

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And Gears news releases.

Yeah but in today’s world of instant info. sending out a tweet doesn’t take that much time.

Its like when your friend says they don’t have enough time to say hi in text but has the time to tell you they don’t have time.

It’s not the time it takes to update an ETA.
It’s the fact that until you know exactly what needs to be done and are mostly finished then any kind of estimate is a wish or a lie and with such a passionate community then estimating December and finding out that it’s going to be April or maybe even never just begets more frustration.

The taking the time to explain why you couldn’t say hi analogy would need them not saying hi for it to be equivocal. Since they are saying they know and that they’re looking into it then that’s the hi it’s just that when you ask how are doing that they’re saying - “I dunno” instead of something less vague.

If people don’t have enough patience to accept that they haven’t completed enough research to give an accurate estimate yet then they very well might not have enough patience to be magnanimous if a rush to estimate is inaccurate.

A live look at the community and TC’s level of engagement:


Well unless they have millions of bugs they could you know have created a tracker for major bugs…but I guess we needed baltisa in the campaign more


Satisfied? :thinking:


@TC_Sera has made a point in two different threads as to why that isn’t as simple as it sounds.

But I’m sure she’ll gladly give you further explanations if needed. Well, when it’s no longer the middle of night over where TC is at.




Has @TC_Sera said if it would be possible to also put this info on the forums?

That way people who use twitter get the info and those who use the forums but not twitter also get the info.