Feedback On Hoard

Can we please, for the love of actually having a means of surviving, limit Player Power Points?

Cause when you got one guy with 100k+ Points and you’re stuck with nothing to repair, upgrade, or place because the trolls want to hoard points ((Hoarding points does nothing for you btw…)), it becomes frustraiting.


Option One: Limit Personal Power Points to 5000… Anything Extra goes directly to the Fabricator.

Option Two: Or allow Del/Kat to “Pull Funds” from players so I can run-up to the guy with 100k+ Points and rip them from him so I can build turrets and fences…

Seriously, it’s bad enough most people don’t even communicate/don’t pay attention to text chat that pops up on the screen … Or mute everyone… Or ect ect ect… So many matches have 1-3 hoarders who just want to troll and screw up the long run peeps who are trying to have fun.

Yup, that is how public horde works. I highly doubt they will change it anytime soon.

I do have a solution for you though, search custom games no lower than experienced and you’ll most likely be paired with competent people.

The way the game is designed, it encourages playing as a stack while putting solo players at a disadvantage, this applies to both versus and horde

You need more than 5,000 power on yourself for a Level 8+ perk, if I remember this number correctly. Anything in the fabricator can only be used for building. So unless power cost for perks gets lowered this isn’t a good idea if the perks are kept in. And for the record, I don’t just keep all of the power all to myself for perks but try finding a balance between it and what the engi on the team gets. If there is one.

If there is no engi on the team then time to save time, drop out, and find a new match lol.

IDK how personal perks work. I’d assume you’d have what is needed by level 20. Which is typically when you want your barracades all set out, a weapons locker, and at least one turret good to go.

On Advanced and higher, Engi and Jack are basically required.