Feedback on Gears

Feedback from a more active multiplayer tag, could be helpful for this game. Gears of War, players and versions of the A.I, have changed in the past.

I look at a Gear, as a top result of code X design. Looking at just equipment design, a gear is the most copied equipment design. The armor is a code X system, no matter how it is scaled, Gears are designed to beat the Excalibur stars. The sword is not important until the end anyway.
What a Gear dose makes a difference, it follows a celestial path.

Based on the wakandas, (early research into the upperatmosphere,), includes study of the jet stream. The U2, and other aircraft have the same base as a gear. It’s not the armys system, The research studies cloud structures from radar scans, and compared the cloud forms, to a design codex.

That’s why this is expensive research. The game client designed maps, for the jet stream. The deal, means looking for designs that identify a code X design. Time on a simulator, is expensive, it uses an advanced AI, to decode images from radar. This method was used to decode the shapes that form in cloud strata.

It is a way to get eyes on a system used to run operations, the images broadcast from a resulting core, help stabilize the medical practice. It used scans and images designed into its code X system. This has helped to improve the success rates for surgery,. I find any idea of a link to a broadcast image, and success, more science fiction than fact. Each Gear is basically a top gear.

Trying to make the story personal, seems like a very unscientific and use of time on a flight simulator supporting an A.I.

The way research connects seems out of left field. The wakandas are an upper atmosphere cloud study, and I do not think people will ever give the forms any greater attention than they have.

If forms exist, that can be looked at by an AI, there’s a lot of artistic licence taken in connecting forms, to the design of any emperor, who’s identity may or may not have been in the expression of a cloud structure. I may as well consider a cloudy dragon as logical mythology, from that point of view.

What a Gear is, is just a code X system. All the maps are that armor design. The stars for the code X, are just a greater force than many other concepts. How any code X system worked required, a lot of people in the same system, to make it resolve anything for design. That’s what this is about.

Excuse me? What is this supposed to mean?

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I feel the same way when playing Gears while high

@ConcludedHail40 is that you?

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Did you even read the topic? If the result is this system, Every object in the A.I, is a destructible object designed to react to impact. Every armor point, and every traced round should be accounted for.

If the weapon A.I. expended ammunition, the A.I. still records a round, as having fire. if it records a shot, (even if there is NO ammunition in the firearm!), The A.I. detects the round in the simulator, the same costs, as any fired on a range.

This cost big time!.

If X rounds are fired, and Y kill(s) recorded, for a service weapon, that is a lot of unaccounted for digital rounds.

The weapon A.I. creates, a heavy price tag, to determine if a weapon fired or not.

Yes, yes!!! More more more!! Tell us EVERYTHING

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I’ve literally got the munchies reading that…I feel like I’m stoned.

Please tell us more :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


Not making any judgements but it looks like a schizophrenic thought process. Or an ESL post just lost in translation? I’m not sure.


If you lack sanity as a game, due to a death tactic, it is a situation caused by exposure to wireless devices.

Cyborgs with no fixer go bezerk, because they can’t leave there zone for years. Could be another street doc butchering humans, for spare parts. If there are too many cyborgs, you will end up a meat bag, and too few and you won’t catch them.

Ohhhhhh Yeah! That’s the stuff…Talk dirty to me :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

I dont understand how anything you say in your post has anything to do with gears.

Nope, I moved on from gears 5. Remember when I said this month I won’t be online and cheers fellas I’m off to better things in life?

I managed to get a town in Japan to successfully celebrate Halloween. It was exceptionally hard and now I need to wait for any info of anyone getting infected from COVID.

Did I miss anything important?

Right. Let me try to explain this to you people the best I can since no one here has the expertise to understand the mind in a complex manner.

He likes how gears is set up on character and story design, but not on character or story progression. He believes from the game that the soldiers of Cog are basically super solders, yet are somehow worse then before against an enemy that wouldn’t seem to be as bad as the locust. Somehow the cog are being decimated by a ragtag army we know as the swarm and he doesn’t understand how that is happening since most of the swarm are basically a new species(except for the scions and sires.) He feels as if they made the swarm a bit overpowered compared to the locust due to them being able to control the Bairdobots(Deebees), ti which the locust could never do if they even tried. Oh and he feels that the AI actually have a bigger clip then the player and that they abuse that in all modes and that it’s kinda not fair for the player to deal with.

This is what I believe he is trying to tell you.

Not sure if this has been said, so apologies if I’m late to the party, but I think they missed a huge opportunity to do some form of multiplayer mode. Make it turn based, add parameters to search by ; 60 second timer, 5 minute timer, and especially 24 hour timer. I say that last one because a task that takes maybe 5-10 minutes at most if you replay all the previous movements before your turn makes it playable for people who don’t really have time to sit in for a lengthy game. I do wish there was some sort of “horde” mode similar to gears 5. I even have a team built for it on control missions. Side note, overwatch is awesome.