Feedback - Just My Thoughts

I’m not going to get into the server issues, that kind of stuff is something I’ve come to expect from these types of play tests, wrong or right, I’m letting that slide as an expected situation. Main reason is because earlier the servers were performing better until about 3 to 5, which that means a ton of people jumped on. I get it.

Now, my actual issue right now is the arcade mode. I get why it exists, but I don’t get why you thought a game mode that restricts your squad to 2 people would be a good thing to include for this test. I’ve heard the “reasons” for this game mode limiting squad members to 2 and I think the logic is pretty flawed. Most fans of this series play in a group and you just broke their groups up, in a game with a new Ally/Honor system that sounds really cool, but can’t be experienced lol. Sure, Ranked is available…if you want to play capture modes, and if you can get Ranked to work currently.

Having a social playlist of traditional TDM or Warzone or Execution, any of them, would be very nice to have for groups. I’m not hating on arcade mode or the capture modes, this is the 7th game now, including Judgement and Ultimate, people know what modes they enjoy and don’t enjoy. We’re all fine with trying a new mode like arcade or checking out the revamped escalation, we were just hoping to be able to play with our friends in a less gimmicky mode.

Aside from that, I think the game is good. It plays well and looks great. Love the menu layout. Not going to lie, I’m extremely concerned about the CoD/Fortnite feeling I’m getting from the season talk and how it looks like there are 2 currencies (1 in game, 1 for real money)…I advise you to reconsider that. Hopefully once Ranked is working properly and my group of friends can play together it becomes more enjoyable, as for right now…I’d say this is a little above average.

All just my opinion, not looking to tell anyone they’re wrong for feeling differently.

I don’t think Arcade is taking over the spot of social, it’s just a game mode for the tech test. When the game releases you will probably be able to play in a group whether that be on Ranked TDM or social.

I’m not saying it’s taking over, I just feel like a social game type would have increased the enjoyment and allowed people to really get a feel for the improvements and changes made to the gameplay. I like arcade for what it is.

They need to test their new game modes rather than modes that have been in the game for years.