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[FEEDBACK] INPUT based crossplay VS PLATFORM based crossplay

I played previous Gears on Xbox, for Gears 5 I want to main on PC. I know crossplay feature is there, merging PC and Console players, but I think most console players will opt out for ranked play, resulting in a lower player base on PC. In addition, if I want to join my console friends WITHOUT forcing them into crossplay, it’s impossible.

It would be nice that crossplay would be INPUT base instead of PLATFORM base. After you press start screen, you
would be locked into the input you used to enter the game for example(to avoid switching mid game)
It would give the opportunity for PC players(the lower player base) to join the console only players by playing with a controller on PC AND put console KB/M players VS KB/M players on either console or PC.

What do you think about this?


Totally agree even though I would force cross-play. It’s 2019, nowdays it should be a must full crossplay.

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Hhhmmm. I think I’d be up for that. Playing against mouse and keyboard is what makes me keep crossplay off. Otherwise, I would keep it on.

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Yes this is the right way to do it. Doing it by console is already pretty obsolete

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Great idea, but its already been confirmed they arent doing this. They believe it would increase matchmaking wait times, probably for M&K users even though they have the clear advantage.


No. Still no. The wide FOV option still gives pc players a huge advantage via viewpoint. All pc players would have to be locked in console fov and a 60. FPS frame rate. I prefer level playing fields for my comp games.

Otherwise pc population isn’t anyone’s concern other than pc players.

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Why? Console players can choose to play with mouse and keyboard.

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But we don’t have to.and we don’t have the insane field of view and frame rates pc players have, plus all of the cheating and hacking rampant on pc, and yes there’s a LOT.

Console players don’t want to deal with all that, and shouldn’t have to. If pc players want to play with console players, it should be under identical settings without the hacking.

Insane field of view??? :joy:

have you ever tested it?


I play on both. I can pull my FOV wayyyy back and see a great deal more than console players.

I love people who laugh but don’t know anything.

That’s weird. I don’t know if it’s just you but i’ve met plenty of Xbox players who plays as good as me or better. Your point is: having a few miliseconds of less delay (maybe 2-3 ms) will give a PC player such an advantage you can’t beat a PC player? That’s not really how it works.

First and foremost, Gears 5 actually has an anti-cheat this time around. It’s called Easy Anti-cheat. Second of all, don’t make it sound like every other PC player is cheating/hacking, like it’s a usual thing. It’s not.

You really think anti cheat will stop people?

Bottom line is competitive games should have any controllable factors be indentcal. Field of view, frame rate, input methods ALL need to be even across the board.

Otherwise no ones going to bother turning on cross play

And cheating was rampant in gears 4 on pc. I ran into so many I couldn’t count… Even if it’s not every player, one is too many.

Besides you have to convince me why cross play is a good idea for me who usually plays on a console, I don’t need to defend why I don’t like it. Burden of proof is on your plate as a pc player as you want to play with console players due to low population, not vice versa.

I’ve been playing for months on PC, diamond 5. 0 cheaters.

Now Gears 5 has a better anticheat so.

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More so than not having an anti-cheat at all.

FoV isn’t even close to a deciding factor.
I bet most people who play on PC doesn’t go over 100+ FPS consistently. Most PC players have lower-end specs, because PC’s are expensive and the world isn’t full of rich kids. Their systems might be 3-5 years old at this point.

Well, if you want proof you can ask TC about the statistics they made in GoW 4 when they tried out crossplay the first time. They basically said there’s barely any difference between console and PC players. They haven’t actually made those statistics public, so i can’t confirm they’re actually lying about it or not. I’m guessing they’re not since they have crossplay enabled in social matches.

‘‘Field of view, frame rate, input methods ALL need to be even across the board.’’

They will NEVER and they CAN’T be even, across both platforms people play with different settings when it comes to inputs , visuals(Mature content, and all PC settings), controllers, KB/M, Screen, Xbox One version(Original, S, and X)etc. The FOV thing is not that big of a deal, wider FOV gives you more stuff on screen BUT all the stuff is smaller and the sense of distance is off if you go too far(around 110+)

I think right now in the state of console gaming, KB/M support is a default features for crossplay games, there’s no need to separate based on platform since the BIG deal with crossplay is the KB/M VS Controller. Input based crossplay is the next step in PC and consoles crossplay(COD: MW is doing it)

The fact is FOV is an advantage, an opinion on it is meaningless, facts and feelings don’t mix. MANY players have rigs that get to 120 fps with ease.

There aren’t enough pc players to justify any of those numbers, the sample size vs console players is minuscule at best, and it’s on in social because social is basically a scrimmage and doesn’t count, it’s git nothing to do with stats.

In fact if it was “equal” it would be on permanently in ranked but it isn’t, furthering my point that the devs really the field isn’t equal

I’m stating a FACT about FOV, more stuff on screen(lower perf), smaller stuff on screen and distance are explanded. FACT, next time you try a game on PC, put FOV at 110+(Apex is a good example), you’ll see it’s NOT an advantage. Bigger isn’t always better. Gears 5 is locked at 100 I think.

In gears it is, it’s a fact. Cover based game that limits your view when you’re in cover, being able to pull it back is an advantage. It makes it EASIER to see anything. In Gears that’s crucial. You compare apples to oranges.

Your stating rubbish

Ryan Cleven answered this, it’s because the Gears playerbase isn’t large enough to do input-based matchmaking, without searches taking forever for m/kb players. It’ll basically just be like turning cross-play off, since most the m/kb players are gonna be PC players.

What I would like is to be able to be excluded from the cross-play toggle since I play on a controller on PC. Even if it means I have to lock my video settings to some certain settings to be eligible to be excluded, I’d be ok with that, and could just do that whenever I can’t find matches.

I was thinking Steam would help with the PC side of things, but the launch so far hasn’t been as smooth as could be, and that can definitely turn potential buyers off. Hopefully they have things in way better condition by the 10th. MS also needs to not be greedy, and allow for decent discounts during Steam seasonal sales.