Feedback ideas🤔

I posted this in the feedback, but what does everyone think?

In regards to the game, I think it is overall solid. Some chanes personally I would feel would benefit the game is:

  1. Make movement less clunky. Im sure this is just tech test issues but I feel as if the movement could use work in terms of Cooperation.
  2. Make it easier to tell when you have a down vs a kill. I sometimes struggle to tell if I bodied or downed someone and this is frustrating at times. I think the kill feedback needs work in general.
  3. Switch the chainsaw to B and the toggle for lancer power weapon to holding B. Doesn’t feel right honestly.
  4. Return smokes to what they are. I like they got rid of the violent shockwave shake from the screen, but they need to have some form of usage except blinding literally everyone.
  5. Add an option for removing the new damage feedback. I feel like I get deathly blinded and can’t see my movements now when Im trying to escape.
  6. Return the sniper aim reticle. The new one is meh imo.
  7. Remove gnasher delay. I feel randomly there is a delay with the gnasher from certain movements that cause me to fire awkwardly. This prevents me from doing cool shots across walls without revealing myself.

Please just leave it in that thread! Thank you.