[FEEDBACK] Gears 5 Mod support/ Custom gametypes

With the plan to launch a Custom Map Editor for version, it’s a good first step to embrace community driven content that can creates awesome maps for both casual or pro scene.

I was wondering if we could have the same for Gametypes by either giving the community the ‘‘sandbox options’’ (Movement speed, Wall bounce Delay, Damage output, Active reload %, etc.) to mess around in Custom Games OR with Mod support on separate version of the game(No matchmaking, No anti cheat) like Halo MCC PC is doing.

I think this could help to find new ways to play the game and keep it fresh by creatin NEW Gametypes (like @OpTic_AshesX is doing) or just update current Gametypes. I know the game has a lot to do before adding Quality of Life stuff like this tho.


Been saying for ages.

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Gametypes stayed the same pretty much since GOW2, could be fun to mess with them in Custom Games, maybe find something new or find a good tuning, etc.

Might even help tc out a bit to let us change things and if a particular tuning got popular enough, maybe they’d have this eureka moment where they realize “maybe our current way of doing things isn’t the best after all”.


Indeed, it would decentralize the content/tuning ‘‘burden’’ from TC a bit by giving the community the tools to create content, testing tuning beforehand, etc. I thing Xbox games coming to PC have to embrace not only the PC performance, but the PC ability to create custom content. Halo is doing a great job a it, could be better, but they acknowledge the modding community