Feedback from a new player to the GoW games

Let me just start by stating this VERY clearly:
I am NEW to Gears of War, started to play about 1.5 weeks ago, I played GoW4 for a few hours before Gears 5 got released. BUT I have played games since the 80s, and I have played many different types of games, also several PvP games. Ok, so now that is out of the way.

Now, on to my feedback on the game, comming from a totally new player to the saga.

The good:
Game engine mod/FPS/performance. Stellar!



Most likely the campaign, but I have not had time to play it.

Feel of the weapons/gunplay

The bad:
Store prices! They are for the most part very high for a full price game.

VERY BAD After reading an analyses of the star/Tour of Duty system, it may looks like this is made so only the ‘no-lifers’ (read: playing many hours each and every day) will be able to get the rewards, even though the events last for 3 whole months. If this is correct, TC serisouly need to redo this system. A reward system that is based on this much gameplay needed over the whole events timeline of 3 months, has to be one of the worst ideas in game history! So to sum this up; if you want to complete all the comming Tours of Duty in this game, you need to play several hours each and every day, year round. If people do not think this is a bad idea, they need to step away from their game and rethink their life, seriously! VERY BAD

Shotgun one-shot gameplay (I know its THE GoW thing, but still)

Weapon balancing, most assault rifles and SMGs are too low damage compared to the shotguns, snipers, exploding weapons. Please balance this a bit more out. Putting close to a whole mag of a Lancer into the enemy should down him, clearly, but looks like it does not.

Some keys are missing in the GUI, like F for putting down an item in Horde. The key for putting down the items are missing in the visual GUI when carriying an item.

I see now way to upgrade items you ‘buy’ in Horde, still it says the items are level 1. Why state level if they cannot be upgraded? Or is this a case of really bad GUI with no help?

Updates in player profile, after match summary etc. Yes, I know, it release problems, will get better.

Same key for sprinting and ‘snapping into cover’, is a bad idea. Other games have 2 separate keys for this, which works way better. Sprinting past a cover just to snap into it when you do not want to, is not good game design, its just frustrating. Or is there a key I havent seen?

Matchmaking may be a bit out of sync. Not too fun having 150 ping in matches where the others have around 50. May be that the matcmaking is not always checking region and closest matches first.

Its a bit missleading that it states under each Escape/Hive x/15 cards, this makes new players think there are unique cards in each Escape/Hive.

I have read that you can play earlier Escape/Hives, but when I check earlier ones, they have a timer, will be gone in x days. I had the impression there were there to stay, or at least for several weeks.

Tour of Duty tasks do not clearly say in what mode you can complete them.

Horde, after each wave, there is a status screen. This needs to be redone in a less intrusive way, or can be closed by keypress.

The things I HOPE TC makes even better:

More PvE/PvP modes!

More maps!

More enemy types!

Less focus on the 1% of the player base that are pros/esposts, and remember your playerbase are NORMAL gamers.

A LOT can be done to make both Escape and Horde better! Think out of the box! What can be fun to play!

From watching videos, it looks like Horde in GoW4 were actually MORE tactical, but I may be wrong.

Horde should be about defensive tactics and DEFENSE!

Escape should be about being smart and outsmart the Horde, while getting out FAST.

The PvE modes should have more random rare rewards/cards, so it was a reason to grind them.

Cheating needs to be watched CLOSELY! I can tell from experience cheaters ruins games, especially when we have leaderboards/seasonal stuff going on! Already there are some strange things in the leaderboards.

So far I have not understood, from playing the game, how I am able to not kill a downed enemy, but pick him up and use as a shield. Again, back to the GUI/help stuff, its kinda lacking.

Make it more viable to buy and use defense items in Horde. Right now the turrets are almost useless after a few waves. Need items like mines, traps, special ammo. If you want us to use the recycler, items on the ground close to the recycler should not dissapair, so we can stock/drop them for recycling (yes I know, xxxx number of guns can make the client crash, but we need more reason to use the recycler).

Update the engine to use the new features Unreal Engine will come with in the future.

Custome map makers should have a way to clearly see feedback etc on their maps, I hope this will get some focus in the map maker in later betas/release of it.

Custome maps should have some kind of pfficial verification and voting, and if they are voted in to the ‘standard maps’ by the player base, the map maker should be rewarded and credited.

I HOPE the matches are serverside controlled, so it does not matter for the rest if someone crashes or have horrible lag/ping.

All in all I for one think the game is GOOD, but it has the potential to get even better!

Interesting perspective from someone who’s brand new to the game. Thanks for sharing.

To your point about horde, I played a fair amount in GOW4 but only played a few waves in this version so I’m not sure I can help you here but the reason you can’t upgrade a fortification may be due to lack of power. There’s a certain amount needed to upgrade.

Interesting take on the rifle damage in versus. There are many gears vets who think the opposite. Therein lies the divide. Gears vets vs general gamers.

When I came along to Gears last year I had never played anything like this before. I was new to gaming, new to shooters. So I had nothing to compare the damage to. I took it for what it was, accepted it for what it was, and never questioned it. So I had to build up a tactical strat centered around the game the way it was. And that’s sort of my point of reference on this game.

People seem to have an idealistic version of what this game should be, and it seems to be based on past games they’ve played. Gears vets want rifles toned down because that’s how it was back in the day. Newcomers want stronger rifles and less shotgun because that’s what they’re used to in the games they play. Generally speaking of course. Not to put everyone in a box as there are surely exceptions.

In the end TC is gonna do what they’re gonna do and we’ll have to take it or leave it. It does appear that they’re going all in on the newcomers this time.

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One more thing to add to my list:

  • For Escape, we need a better GUI that shows which Hives have been completed in what difficulty, and at what times.