Feedback: Control/Escape from Kadar

Hey everyone, I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

With Control and Escape from Kadar running for another week I wanted to start to gather your feedback on it, feel free to respond here with your feedback!


Escape from Kadar-

Interesting mode. Made for several good runs. The rewards were nice. I really would like to see more horde events like this. Variety is key.

That said…please don’t limit to one map. Also would like all events to be available in custom lobbies.


Like how it plays better than KOTH. It’s much easier to break a ring without being in gib range. It makes movement more valuable.

That said…no bot backfilling and starting with uneven teams made for a bad experience that reflects overall on the mode though it shouldn’t.


Horde : Escape from Kadar

Its extremely tough to find matches in Public Matchmaking.

When I do find matches, its only me and another player. Sometimes the player leaves mid-match, no one sticks around. I’m left alone in the horde match.

Sometimes the player is low-leveled for a high difficulty horde, and they end up quitting eventually, and again I am left alone.

The only way to play these events is to squad up with friends, which is tough to coordinate times with.

Please allow the option to host Horde Events in custom lobbies. In that way I could effectively play with a full squad of 5 players whenever I want and even monitor their class and level at the same time.

Versus : Control
Instead of the ring floating up, it it possible to shade an area on the ground (like how Gridiron implements this at ’ touchdown ’ areas) ?
I feel that would be more visually appealing.

Everything else is great!

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It’s a mixed bag for Escape From Kadar.

It becomes very easy if you build barriers and hide in the base. Alot of the enemies are obviously melee based.

But it’s a bit unforgiving if you leave the base - one pipe swipe and you’re dead unless you have stim.

The lack of variety in enemies also limits the mode.

I’m also surprised that the Escape-tile maps weren’t included as options too.

I’m liking control though.

Public Matchmaking ruins every enjoyment that could be had in Kadar.

Control is nice. the ring-height needs some adjusting though. Other than that the 2nd best mode in the game atm ( after Arcade )

I’m having a blast with Control only when RNG gives me a fair fight, so tired of 3v2 or 4v1. Please bring bots back.

The ring can block your view at times, should be lowered closer to the floor or the width reduced.

Other than that, I can see Control replacing KOTH, it plays really good.

Edit: Horde public matchmaking has always been a russian roulette, more so on low populated regions. I searched for 2 minutes or 10 and it would always start with only 2 players. Not fun at all. Fix? Bring it to customs.

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Control is a very nice addition to the game and would love to see it play in Ranked since it’s very hard to experience how it’s meant to be since I haven’t had a single full lobby on qp.

hopefully leave it 5v5 as well?

Escape from Kadar: Good reward, it gave us some laugh with my friend and the Sires , but to be honest, it was pretty boring after the first time. On advanced difficult, the 90% damage one shot hit was a bit to much, but maybe it’s just me.

Control: It is fun, it really is. The ring being placed high (it is a bug, right?) are awful, but when then ring are on the ground, it works great.
The spawns on River are awful in this mode, you always have someone spawning at your back.
The Gnasher did way too much damage from distance.

The biggest issue are:

4 vs 4 .
Sometimes we had a 5 vs 4, but I think that is was a bug, since I could invite someone to play and then we play 5 vs 4, but if no one is invited, it still goes 4 vs 4 forever.

Being a quick play and not having bot.
I mean, I hate bot (especially their insane damage and them being brainless), but 90% of the time, you start a match with a team of friends, you win, the opposite team quit and you enter an infinite loop of “4 players vs none”. At least with bot, you could wait for people to join.

I would rather see this being added as a ranked, or adding bot (without that insane damage) to the match in quickplay.

Will we ever get a Gears 4 escalation 5 vs 5 quick play weekly event?

Escape from Kadar

  • fun but lacks content, I was expecting more Locusts to appear like the sniper, boomer, grenadier etc not just the skin from the campaign. Not in a rush to replay it. Could’ve and should’ve been a lot better.


  • fantastic game mode and probs the best mode on gears at the moment alongside guardian, only issue is the ring and how it looks, real eye sore, I’d personally go for more of a hard-point zone look and make it feel totally new and not just a KOTH rip off. Hope it doesn’t just go after two weeks anyway, would be a damn shame that and no harm in dropping it into quick play. Though I see this mode being a permanent feature in ranked in the future which is more than welcomed.
  • keep control 5v5 too for the love of god

Escape from Kadar:

I like the idea of different themed Horde modes, so while this event in itself wasn’t incredible, I’d like to see more like it that drastically change the way you play and introduces a new type of enemy or threat, even if it’s not an entirely different enemy.

The other part I enjoyed was getting an actual reward for accomplishing goals within it, rather than coins. Coins are nice, of course, but I like having a tangible reward that you can collect and have. It’s better motivation, IMO. I’d like to see more Horde events with these rewards attached.

Also, I miss OG Locust. Bring them back more often.


Don’t care for it.

Granted, I’m not the biggest KOTH fan, but I really just played this mode to get the medals then dropped it. The ring size and placements don’t work well within the map design as one member of the team can sit behind a wall out of sight barely touching the ring and contest long enough for the rest of their team to get there, making matches feel like long slogs.

I know this isn’t the feedback you’re looking for, but out of the modes you’ve created since taking over Gears, Dodgeball and Gridiron are easily your best. I really wish you’d make it easy to hop into either of those PvP modes but I never get to play them.


Escape from Kadar is really fun when you discover it. I agree with some previous comment :
It should be launched in custom lobby
The base enemies should be mixed with some others kind from classic horde (60-40 or 70-30%)
Pipe damage could be lowered a little bit

Not yet played Control but it sounds great (I already like KOTH). Agree to change the ring with Gridiron zone indication.

Escape from Kadar: a nice little event, seeing the locust back was a welcome gift for sure. However I would’ve liked if we actually went to Niles lab, it would’ve added to the immersion. It got pretty stale after the first run as it was only just Niles experiments but I’m hoping in the future we can see more old locust return, I’d like to be able to fight a Corsper as a boss. And not the baby ones from gears 3 either. The hybrid reward is nice as well, we need more rewards like that going forward, i dont think many people besides PVE players disagreed with the reward.

Control: i like the new mode, it’s a nice change from KOTH, however the ring is an eyesore. I think the veteran ultimate ability should replace the ring as its smaller and it’s more clean.

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Escape from Kadar

I liked the event but it got boring really quickly. It’s unfortunate that only one map was selected for this mode. And also, events should be made available in private matches (preferably right of the bat) and stay there if possible. Some of these events are pretty cool like Boss Rush.
I personally want those Hybrid Locust as standard enemies in regular Horde as well. The reward made sense in regards to the mode itself but it’s kinda weird that it’s a PvP-only reward in a PvE-only event… would be nice if we could apply Locust/Swarm skins on enemies in PvE too. That way you could also implement boss-skins, e.g. for the Matriarch. Have it that only the skins are chosen from the host or skins are applied locally and therefore only you can see them, I don’t care. Preferably the ones of the host should be selected though. That way the host can “show them off” at least.


Never was a PvP fan since the first patches dropped, however the mode itself is actually pretty nice. It allows for some different playstyles than usual. In my opinion, you can keep it.

Escape from kadar is pretty easy if you have a good Nomad, an engineer, and one or two guys to kill matriarchs.

It would be great to see the locust added to horde, maaaaybe without the instakill pipes lol.

Control is fun. Need to start games evenly though. Bot backfilling should be enabled since there are no lives. There are also some cheesy spots to deny points, if you know where to hide.

Can we have the Lab Locusts in normal Horde? Please!


Escape from Kadar

Probably the most fun I’ve had in horde tbh. I love this game mode but wish there was more maps available.

Interesting spin on it and I think it was great.


I absolutely love this mode, absolutely love it. I think it brings a more competitive stance than KOTH. Although it’s very sweaty at times it’s still quite enjoyable with half the headache.

Hope to see this as a permanent mode


Escape from Kadar

Agree with pretty much everything that was already said… Would rather have Gears Coins than a skin I’ll never use. :thinking:
Would also be nice if events would reward more skill cards similar to the amount horde frenzy gives you.



Honestly when I heard the Locust were coming back I didn’t think it would just be the ones from the campaign. Surely you could add Locust grenadiers and snipers to future Locust based modes. The major downside to this and other horde events is that they can only be accessed through public match making which is nothing short of a nightmare. Horde events should be added to custom games and personally I think they should be permanently added to customs after the event. Also might want to rethink the rewards for these events. All in all its an ok mode but has alot of potential.


Im enjoying it more than KOTH to be honest. The bigger ring makes contesting better and more space to fight it out. Only downside to this is the uneven match making. Going into a match 2 v 4 or 1 v 4 is just not fun at all. I was in a match recently where it started 3 v 1 (I was on my own lol) and another player joined but instead of going on my team the player went onto the other team making it 4 v 1. I would much rather the game begin when both sides are equal and I would happily wait in the match making lobby until that can be achieved.

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Absolutely not. The game already has enough BS on higher difficulties where you didn’t make any mistakes but get killed anyway, it does not need frequently spawning insta kill pipe wielders that will inevitably ruin most CQC roles.


Or maybe they can easily nerf the pipe ones to make them similar to the warden. I don’t care about the pipe dudes anyway, but I want an enemy equipped with a retro lancer.