Feedback and suggestions

Hey everyone!

For this post I’d like to keep things positive and constructive! There’s a lot to be said, and it truly matters HOW it is said.

Things I like:
-The sound effects are great! I love the punchy sound when bullets hit enemies. The Scions (maybe swarm in general) sound like they got some gnarly metal vocalists to do them. BREE BREE! I love it!
-The menu is fast and works well. I really think it’s great how much faster it is moving between screens!
-I like that I can just hold down the D-pad to throw down my weapon.
-Maps look good, characters look good, weapons look/feel good.
-New weapons are cool!

Concerns/Room for improvement:
I’m not going to talk about server side issues as I know TC is aware of them, and for me, it doesn’t change the actual game.
-With the hero system, I’m nervous about if/how they’ll do Dizzy. He’s my favorite, been playing him since GOW2, and would like to continue to do so. I’m just worried that if they do bring him in, he’ll be some class that I dont enjoy, so I’ll have less of a desire to play him.
-I would like to be able to play HORDE by myself, with no bots. I like the support they provide if you get in a pickle (with a Sire) but I 'd just like the option to go it alone.
-I think the Tour of Duty progress tracking could be better. Example: I had the daily challenge to get 200 kills. There’s no way to track that during matches, only in the after action report. Putting a progress bar on the dailies would be helpful. And maybe for the other challenges, we could toggle on/off tracking those too, so we can see 3-5 of them during a match when you look at the scoreboard. Similar to how you can “favorite” achievements on Xbox and track them.
-In HORDE, it takes a really long time to get power from a Power Tap. Maybe because I’m doing it by myself, but I feel like the time could be shaved down by 1-2 seconds. Does it go faster with more players?
-I’d like to know how JD’s ammo regen works in HORDE. Does it regen that % of his max ammo/time, or is done another way? Does it regen for all weapons (boomshot, embar, etc.)?
-I feel like the damage COG is misleading and harder to identify where damage is coming from than previous versions.
-I would like to be able to (in default Xbox controls) hold “B” to bayonet charge/chainsaw with the weapons, and still tap “B” to quick melee. For me, the reload button isn’t natural for that function, and more of a hindrance.
-I’m having trouble with landing active reloads. I can see that my indicator is in the sweet spot when I attempt to trigger the active, but the game is responding as if I was just outside of it. I’ll do some more testing on this, I haven’t gotten to play too much yet.

That’s all I have at the moment, I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read this.
I’m open to feedback from the community, and would certainly appreciate if someone could answer my questions.
Please feel free to post your own feedback and suggestions, but please keep it respectful and courteous so that if TC is reading this, they’ll be more likely to respond favorably.

Thank again!