Feedback and Requests

Hi All,

After playing Gears 5 Tech demo I decided to write a new post about my experience and what I liked, didn’t like and any suggestions I have that developer might be able to implement before Gears 5 release date.

Game menu and Lobby

  • I really like the new look. It is well organised, very clean looking and easy on the eye. Most importantly I didn’t stop to think about where I need to go in the menu to make changes. It was natural and easy to remember where things are.
  • Nothing negative to say about the menu, I loved it.

Arcade Mode

I loved this mode. It was fun, exciting and every match was different. I really liked the idea of selecting your specific loadout at the start of the match and based on your performance you get to make purchases that will potentially give you the upper hand.

The loadouts were locked to the characters which it wasn’t a big deal but I like to have the option to select my own character and then select a specific loadout.

I liked the idea of the loadout and the purchases were locked and not customisable but locking them to a specific character is what I really didn’t like. During the match the characters appearance didn’t say much about the type of weapon they were carrying but potentially what could be carrying or purchasing.

KOTH and Escalation mode

I don’t play much of Escalation so I’m not going to comment about it but KOHT is my favourite mode in Gears game up until the Arcade mode.

  • Overall, I don’t think KOHT changed much.
  • In general, the weapons handling has been improved and the gun play is very smooth.
  • I like the aim/hit animation

Minor Issues

  • Moving between covers and/or into covers sometimes doesn’t get registered properly and I end up standing rather than docking into cover
  • Execution glitches at times, specially if the downed player is moving you will end up knifing them rather then kicking them even if you are right on top of them.

My final but most important suggestions

  • Better and more achievements for offline mode
  • Minimise the achievements for horde mode. It was difficult to find a group of people that will last 50 rounds specially at my age. We are all married with kids we can’t play for 5 hours straight to get an achievement but we are achievement hunters.
  • Please have an offline multiplayer mode, similar to Gears 3. There are times that I just want to play few matches after work and with Gears 4 it was a struggle to find a match online. I hated the mode co-up with AI. You can never change sides and people were getting on and off and I wasn’t able to select the game mode.
  • Options to select my own load out in TDM, KOTH and Escalations. This could be because of Tech test but I only had the 3 standard weapons to choose from.
  • I like a reward system where players have access to more weapons as they level up from the start of the match rather than tracking them down in the map.
  • Is it possible to re-map the chain saw button only? Sometime it doesn’t register the right action and I have to press and hold the button few times for it to trigger the chain saw.

Overall love the game and thank you for all your hard work.

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