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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

Are you insane? Were you a part-time basketball when you were younger?

I’m not testing anything with this disgusting mess. What makes it worse is Rod Fergusson approved it. He must’ve got sudden dementia of the highest order because he should know what Gears is and what can and cannot he changed so drastically.


When I’m fully damaged my only concern is one shotting the opponent in front of me at that point
I’m taking you with me! :smiling_imp:

Insane? No. Just, uh… special. I’m not really like the others much. I was not a basketballer, either. I tend to have opinions which are a little… unpopular at times.

I don’t want to start a debate on this whole changing thing. Between the two of us, we know we’d never see the end of it.

Did you hear Rod at E3? Basically all he talked about was pushing the “different” campaign TC has been on.
First they add two tunings to Gears 4 now they have completely changed the damage Omen. I’m very concerned at the moment

I wonder what else will be ruined :disappointed:

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this will blind a player once they have taken a certain amount of damage due to how intrusive it is, the way it has been does not prevent the player from seeing their sides or whats next to them where the new health screen does

they need to make it much less intrusive or just use the tried and true, there was no need or reason to mess with the damage indicator system at all

I’m sure we all remember what happened to Gears Judgement and its bold changes the game failed both with the newer audience Epic Games were attempting to attract with the changes and amongst the original Gears players

This might be a stupid question, but does Rod even play any of the Gears games? I can’t seem to recall him playing any…

Did he ever play like on a Developer stream or something when he was there? :thinking:


Judgement was atrocious.

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Rod knows that Marcus has a surname that’s Fenix.


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Judgement was like the knock-off version of Gears… I did like the FFA though and the speed…other than that…I definitely wasted money on that one :joy: :tired_face:

The inversed omen is the first thing I noticed when watching the first Escape Gameplay reveal. I thought my god what have they done to Gears…

First it was the active reload change in Gears 4 which makes zero sense to reload without firing, now this. Hopefully they listen to the fans and revert it back.

It might be too deep in development to revert. I would be cool with them at least providing a legacy option. However, if they do pull a Sonic movie oops, I would not mind it at all :joy:

Gears 2 also introduced assault rifle stopping power and Gears 3 introduced the Retro and Sawed-off. How well did those changes to the Gears formula go over? What were those introduced to do? Counter up-close Gnasher focused game play. Where do the arguments against this new Omen seem to center on? The impact to wall-bouncing, up-close Gnasher game play. Continuation of a trend?

Also, keep something in mind about next month’s tech test. I think it’s telling that they’re calling it that vs. a beta. (Note: I have not kept up with all material so far, so someone from TC may have referred to it as a beta.) Gears 5 must be getting close to release candidate status, if not there already, and while RC is still technically a beta, major feature work would (or at least should) be complete. Most gaming “betas” that close to release are either demos or, most likely for Gears 5, a multiplayer stress test. Yes, some game play mechanic bugs may be found with time to fix before release, but a UI change with full regression testing? That’s probably a tall task, regardless of the amount of blowback from the community.

I find that hilarious. But it’s ok everyone, now our target will ALWAYS be visible! Even if they take two baby steps to the left or right and are quite clearly outside of the “Omen”, and by “Omen” I mean ugly empty COG shape.


Not to say anything but the old omen also was that in a way… just less empty in the middle until you got killed.

And you know what it’s like. They like it so it’s right.

I think they are probably correct. Like anything, in time everyone will adjust. It will have its advantages and disadvantages like everything else.

Of course. But not before trying to complain it into the ground.

Both sides have valid arguments here. One is saying it was necessary to create a new omen as it fits better with some aspects of Gears 5 than the old omen does(whatever those are is anyone’s guess), which is what Octus has effectively already mentioned above. The other just wants it gone because they just don’t want anything other than the old omen, or at least altered because it’s too intrusive.

I say that regardless of outcome it should just be a possibility for the players to adjust the intensity of the damage indicator, because I doubt it’s going away now. If that is even possible to implement.

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And what do they mean by, your target always visible?

Are they talking about highlighting enemies? So even if they were behind cover or hiding somewhere, you could see right through covers?

No. You’ll always have clear vision of the enemy if you are shot… should they be in front of you since the omen is now clear there.