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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

Not because if lobbies.

You can have lobbies without Host Advantage.

And I will indeed :+1:

This is a fantastic example.


Lol this is so terrible.

I think the most likely compromise will be to tone it down.
I have watched (yet) more Escape gameplay and the new Omen is sill awful.

I understand TC wanting to change some things, but this is so unnecessary . Much like marks and death “skidmarks” :wink: but I understand it,as they can and no doubt will be monetised.

I know you “do” twitter, I dont. What is the view on that.

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i was lazy and got nothing better to do, so i just decided to see a little concept of what it can look like without all the blood smearing your face like some visual diarrhea.

although a change for having 2 would be nice


I don’t like it, but I imagine it was done so that you can aim better while taking damage.

However, it is going to make it harder to evade while you are damaged, which is what you should be doing anyway, not trying to aim at something.

TC probably thinks they are solving a problem with this, when in fact they are making it worse. I would rather lose the ability to aim effectively than lose the ability to evade effectively. You don’t win a CQC Gnasher fight by focusing on the enemy, you win by avoiding death.

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Actually it just keeps your direct aim area open while decreasing or blocking the rest of your screen, it doesn’t adjust to the direction you get shot from. In any case this inverted omen actually makes understanding from which direction you get shot at harder. Which so much red, you wouldn’t be able to see the indicators of the damage you are receiving is coming from.

So you have to damage the other player first before they damage you.

If you think it blinds you, you can blind them.

Same setting. Use it against each other.

If someone else adapts and get used to this better than you…

I also see it as a way of suppression. When we go red, almost nothing stops us. Except stopping power. So if our screen goes red, we’re in more disadvantage with poorer vision.

Rod also said something along the line of bringing Versus more in line to modern gun play. Something like that. Having red screen might be one way.

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Twitter is the same.

A lot of people asking why change or that it looks bad.

Perfectly fine. Add in a UI indicator of where damage is coming from like in 2.

Job done.

You see, what makes Gears fun and competitive is that you can survive these kinds of situations.

Not be completely blinded because you took damage.

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Surviving a clutch with wallbouncing, roadie strafing while full red would be even more dramatic and intense. :+1:

Can you survive while nearly blind? Hold my beer…

Once your blinding, you would attempt what you first described,

Roll instead,

Then get down,

Extended Execution,



Tourney alt players never roll. Not classic alt either.

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Fair to them, they might succeed somehow in the first bounce but since you can’t see anything anyway, no real control,


Extended Execution,



How about we let this rest until we actually get to try it? Even if I know how the reaction of 90+% of people will likely be…


That’s the best way.


Once the tech test is out and everyone sees how bad it is,

We can come back and continue :v:

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I’m seeing this with my own eyes in pictures and in videos and It’s not going to change my mind. I’m all for change if it makes sense and this most certainly does not make sense. It’s obnoxious, ugly and nobody asked for it.


Never claimed anyone had to like it, alright? Octus says they did it for something in the game, and if anyone knows anything about its development, they do. So don’t come at me if you dislike how it is right now.


This isn’t something you need to “feel” or “try” like the gameplay and the tuning.

You can watch and see just how bad it is.

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I hate it… I absolutely hate it. 100% need to revert this.


Personally I find that in some situations the damage omen acts as a temporary reticle, it can prove very useful in emergency situations.

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