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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

From what I can see so far, I think this could have a big effect on how people play the game. Stylistically. Maybe thats TC’s intentions. At least for me, I could see this having a crippling effect on what I have loved about Gears from day 1.

I guess we will have to wait and see!



I’m more likely to sit and camp and not risk being blinded by that HUGE INVERSE OMEN UI !!


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I think people might be just a little too used to not really being handicapped in the game when very badly damaged. Now, when you are really badly damaged, your vision will be really restricted… I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Yes, you will not be able to do all those things you used to be able to do, as easily as you used to be able to do them, when badly hurt, with this change.

Maybe that’s the whole point.

If I put 90% damage onto someone I am fighting, and I have full health, why shouldn’t they be handicapped in some meaningful way until their health re-generates? The past omens were just damage indicators. This one is a damage handicap as well.

Cool with me.

YMMV, as usual.

By blinding someone who has damage is literally damning them to death.

It’s just whoever shoots who first.

I’ll sit and camp and wait until someone moves, shoot, the game will blind them and then BOOM easy kill.

That’s not how it should be and that’s not how it’s been for 5 games.

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Its the new two piece :wink:

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Stay in spawn,

Don’t take damage.

Gears 5 :raised_hands:

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A wounded animal is often the most deadly :)… Almost every time I lose a fight when I have layed down the first devastating shot (80% plus), its because I miss on the follow up shot or make a critical mistake that gives the enemy an opportunity. Its part of Gears, and always has been. Finishing off an enemy properly is a skill in itself and one thing that often separates higher ranked players from mid ranked.

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When I played the little demo they had in my store I was thinking that they will probably only do it for this mode? I could be wrong but you never know, same could be said about some of the sights… I didn’t like most of the sights but it was and EARLY early beta so we will see if they change anything from now to July 17th

It’s already been confirmed that it’s the only Omen we are getting and will stay that way.

Well you could always try to convince them to let us choose the intensity of the red of the omen if anything, after trying it in July.

I’ll start off by suggesting the logical thing, which is to just go back to the way it was because no one has ever said “change the Omen”.

If logic fails,

I’ll ask for it to be toned down and way less intense/intrusive.

If that fails,

Then I’ll accept we are stuck with it.

I don’t think they’ll turn back on this now. Friend of mine thinks we’re stuck with it now, for better or for worse. Like I said though, ideally the players themselves could choose what intensity they wanted it to be at.

This does give me a decent reason to go and try out the tech test though. Might get a bit spoiled on what some Gears 5 character models look like but that’s kind of unpreventable if I want to take part…

If we are stuck with no matter what then we are stuck with it.

But I hope we can either go back or at least tone it down.

Looking forward to the tech test anyway.

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I’m all for the change honestly. Eventually it won’t matter what’s on the screen when you are in combat because your eyes will get use to it. However, I wonder if there is going to be a setting at least to tone the intensity down. I do get that ultimately change is horrible in this community :joy: so it would be an even playing field to give options to keep the legacy UI in some instances.

Nothing wrong with change when it makes sense.

I’m going to enjoy my “eyes getting used” to not being able to see anything when I take damage.

Sounds fun.

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Hey when was there a change that didn’t have complaints in Gears? :joy: I get it not everything is for everybody believe me…all I’m sayin in this type of environment, just be prepared to have options.

When Host Advantage was removed and we went to dedicated servers.

Options is all I’m asking for.

Old and New. Take your pick.

Job done :v:

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In some instances, you still see the catering to one specific player…or at least I do. Could be a latency thing (players with higher ping in matches) but :man_shrugging:t5:

Still agree about the options thing though :+1:t5:

Not really.

Because Lag Comp exists.

With Host Advantage - you truly are catering to one person and one person only every single match.

Because via lobbies which is true. I would say to hit TC with everything plus the kitchen sink when the test comes in July. Nitpick/articulate everything. As long is we don’t come in here with the rage posts not explaining what we are raging about…

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