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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

To see a thread like this is far from unexpected when changing something that’s so ingrained in Gears - but to change things, hopefully for the better, this is part of the process.

Many of us at TC had this first initial reaction ‘why are we changing this?!’ moment when we first played with the border Omen as well. After we gave it a fair shake, we’ve all grown to really like it and it suits some design needs for the game that the old health omen was causing problems for.

It’s fair you all have some concerns and fair reasoning on why behind them, but the Tech Test this July will be your chance to give it a whirl and give tangible hands-on feedback using it.

Demanding we change something you haven’t experienced yet just because it’s different isn’t going to happen though. Give it a chance (ie. not just one match) and let us know what you think!


I agree with Octus we should give this change a fair chance and wait to experience it first hand


I don’t think people are just demanding for it to be changed.

It’s evidently too intrusive.

But - perhaps having the simpler Omen of old as a OPTION would have been a nice consideration.

That way, you give the PLAYERS the choice and you are not FORCED to accept something that you might feel is worse.

Just like how the region selector got taken away and it basically stopped people from playing.

Just like how strict Matchmaking came into play in Season 6 and killed off the game for many players (see my thread with hundreds of replies and many people expressing the exact same problem).

Changes for the better are always welcome.

Adding in choice is always a good thing.

I think this thread is just a sign of what’s to come, people on twitter and social media are already worried.

I’m sure the tech test will carry on with this.

But, until then, it can only be wait and see and your reply at least is appreciated because likewise with Ryan Cleven, the initial feedback is there and it’s not positive.

We can move forward in July once the tech test is out.

On a side note, I wish Ribbons could be toggled on or off. They are very intrusive and no need to have them in a Ranked Matches during live play. Perfectly fine in post game match report.


There is confusion around the dates.

Rod at E3 said it’s 17th July.

Others have said that yourself have been quoted as saying it’s 19th July.

There are marketing materials which show both dates in different places.

Is it 17th or 19th?


Agreed, even if the omen for us who are watching only the game and not testing it seems like a bad change, we gonna wait, try and see it by ourselves first then judge.

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I´m honestly very unsure about this. I mean, ok, we can wait till the test in july, but I honestly don´t believe it will work very well, atleast not for the usual Gears style. It´s extremely overloaded and in my opinion it doesn´t look very good either.

We will see what this change brings on the table, but honestly, of all the things that can be changed to make Gears 5 more fresh and different, the damage omen was really the last thing that needed an update.
I´m really ok with changes but such, kinda, artificial changes just for the sake of change, usually don´t end up well. I remember Halo 5…

I personally believe that TC should have modified the movement system, add things like lying on the ground/back, rather than changing the damage omen.

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Fair enough I suppose although I’m very surprised you all liked it, but what if the majority of us dont like it after July ? will you then change it or put an option to use our old Omen ?

It would be a positive step into the trust and we are listening mantra I think.

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If they give an option to choose between the original skull omen and this new one, it could lead to unfair advantages.

In a competitive environment, which omen won’t handicap you? One blocks your surrounding vision. The other blocks your aim.

It won’t be fair when some players can tell where they got shot from, and another may have better visibility of surrounding.

If you got shot from behind and went full red, which omen is gonna help you more? You won’t even know where you got shot. The new version will show you.

If you’re constantly on the move, turning around so much like 360 degrees wallbouncing and you get shot. The red shade will keep track of where the shot came from, making it easier for you to turn around and come face to face with attacker.

Think of eSports. Will the pro players choose original skull omen or new version? I mean, if they chose different ones, it won’t be an even playing field when it comes to getting damaged.

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If it’s a choice then you can’t really conclude this.

If TC believe the new one is better then going back to the old one shouldn’t have any kind of advantage.

Because if the old one is better with more advantages, then why change in the first place?

If the new one is so obtrusive, then why even implement it?

And with there being a choice - each player can pick.

Just like I can choose M&K or Controller on PC.

Just like I can choose to have Gore on or Gore off.


If they said the old health omen was causing problems that means that maybe Gears 5 is changing quite a bit, but like Octus said we have to wait and try it with our hands.

Yes, you can choose whether to use k/b mouse and switch gore on or off,

But when players want an even playing field, they go far as turning off crossplay to guarantee console players only.

It’s the same with omens. Wanting the same benefits and on same even grounds.

You’re missing the point.

If you are saying that people want “even playing fields” and that the old Omen would provide an “advantage” - because it’s better than what TC have changed to,


The new Omen design makes no sense.

Because given the choice, I’m sure everyone would choose the old version and I believe this will be the case come July. You can already watch videos, see it in action, compare screenshots, see people’s reaction and so on.


1). The original is better

2). If it’s a choice there’s no advantage or disadvantage to anyone because you choose what you prefer.

So this is off point but I’ll reply to these points separately.

Exactly - you never get a even playing field.

I have Gore Off and so are a lot clearer than someone with Gore On.

I choose Controller and in my opinion, I have access to slightly better movement while giving up some accuracy/aim. And I believe the reverse to be true for Mouse and Keyboard.

So 2 points:

1), Gore off gives you an “advantage”. Gore On gives you no advantage.

2). My belief is M&K and Controller are balanced because one offers slightly better movement to the average player and one offer slightly better aim to the average player. You choose what you prefer and I choose Controller and have no issue playing against M&K.

My original point and the point above about M&K and Controller are strictly from a PC v PC point of view.

And this refers back to my original point.

No one would choose the new Omen.


Because nothing wrong with the original and it’s in fact, the “better” option.

So you either have the old Omen as default for everyone - which makes sense.

Or if TC really wants to push it on us,

Give the option and people will pick the old one anyway.

If someone DOES like the new one and chooses it, you cannot claim disadvantage when you’ve made the choice for it :sweat_smile:


I’d make the choice not just out of preference but also practicality… even if I like this new omen, I’m not sure if I would really use it in Versus due to how it obstrudes your sight. While I generally aim to keep enemies in front of me that’s not always possible. With the old omen it’d be easier to see them.

But for the other modes I’d probably stick to the new one, depending on how it affected me there. Worst case scenario I would reduce its intensity a little bit if that would be an option included for it.

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I wasn’t trying to say that the old omen was the only one with advantage.

They both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The old omen won’t block your surrounding vision, making it clearer. Clearer vision is the advantage here.

With the new omen, its own advantage is being able to tell where you got damaged from.

Comparing mouse and k/b to controller, is also like comparing old and new omens. They both work differently and benefit different things.

If you don’t see any enemy around and you get shot, you spin your character around and see two covers. Which cover is the enemy hiding behind? The left or right? The new omen will point the direction… BIG advantage. It’s kinda a cheat card when you can’t rely on your eye sight where no player in sight.

Then just use the Gears 2 damage Omen where it shows the indicator of where you were hit.![dmg|546x500]


This was also possible with the previous Omens.

If you scroll back to the post with the screenshots of all the past games,

It can have an arrow with the Omen without being so intrusive.

Because with the new one, it’s nice to know where you are getting shot from but not going to matter if you can’t see anything :sweat_smile:

I disagree as explained previously.

M&K and C have there advantages and disadvantages if you can call that.

The new Omen has no benefit because it doesn’t add anything new and all it does it massively block your ability to see anything.

As I said, the previous omens did this too and very well.

The screenshot shows it very clearly.

But the difference is,

If you are very low on HP - you can still see with the old.

With the new, it’s great you know where it’s coming from but can’t see anything to counter.

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Yes it did.

The picture used further above in a previous reply shows you very clearly.


Yeah just look at that, it’s clear and it’s good!


Why change something that worked so well :disappointed_relieved:


As I said before and Octus too, I think there must be a further reason that we don’t know yet (and we have to wait and try).
if there isn’t then I don’t know why they would’ve changed it so drastically (my english sucks!)

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I can see how it works and watch it in action from the gameplay.

But TC will only listen after the tech test and only if enough people voice out.

So we will see :japanese_ogre:

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