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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

“Gears: Bukkake”.

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All you need is a nicer, cleaner look and that’s it.

Even if you wanted it to be Inverse.

Why all the extra UI at the sides, top and bottom???


Really I can’t understand this. I remember when gears 4 had blood splatters all over the screen and we told them to remove them because we couldn’t see. Gears 5 here we go again with the same problem!

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The good news is that people have reached out to TC and Ryan Cleven already.

So they will be aware that the reaction hasn’t been the best for it.

My hope is that if the general population complain, then they might listen and change it or at least offer an alternative.

I don’t see why it would be so hard to offer a toggle for classic or new.

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I think it could work, if they make it a bigger red omen and keep the sides clean. Hard to explain, as English is not my native language. I hope you understand what I mean. I mean like, take it as it is now and make the omen thicker but keep the sides all clear.


I don’t mind the Inverse Omen.

It’s the sides and excessive UI associated with it.

I’m about 80% sure if we were to go back and ask Epic Games why they added the center screen damage Omen to Gears Of War they would say to block the vision of a damaged player it isn’t just an indication of how hurt you are obviously.

Blocking the sides of the screen does little if anything to make aiming at an opponent directly in front of you more difficult. There shouldn’t be 2 different damage Omens we should stick to universal solutions

For a weapon tuning I agree that for Versus there should be an universal solution across all its modes. But this omen matter really just isn’t something that requires a single thing to be appointed as a solution because it just comes down to player preference in the end. I never really had any issue fighting with the omen being at full red on the previous Gears games.

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I’ve yet to see anyone complain about the Omen from past games.

TC decides to change it after 5 games.

Everyone dislikes the evidently worse new version.

Why even change something that worked before?

Improve it yeah, visually and art style wise, sure.

But go visually buts makes no sense.


lol its like Trump trying to undo all good obama administration has done.

TC trying to screw something which just works.

SOmetime i wonder what are they smokin. Is there a single thread or tweet where someone complaint about omen?

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I’ve never claimed I had an issue with the omen or that I wanted it changed. But if they already made a new one they could stick with it or at least keep it alongside the original.

And you know that TC have a tendency to stick to things they want to do regardless of whether it’s wanted or not. I’m sure matchmaking in Gears 4 serves as a great example for that…

And not everyone dislikes it.

new omen = no more clutches or 2 v1 or 3v1

sorry but you cant see anything with this.


I wouldn’t care if they kept it out of Versus.

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I suspect its in VS as well. As they mentioned its baked in the game. Can;t be turned off.

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Well, they still have a few months to do things… and like I said, if you wanted to make everyone happy just keep both the original and new omen in. Surely there’s nothing wrong with having an option to toggle between them?

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As EnVII said in another post
Since the Omen it’s there to stay, just try to make it more clear when you get damage because right now it’s just too much.


Remove the traditional omen that pops on the screen when near death? Not happening man, it’s iconic to Gears of war.


I think he’s referring to this:

And I agree, the new one seem to be very annoying… They should at least give us the option to choose between the two.


I actually like the new one. Was one of the few changes that gave me a good impression.