[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

This is the problem I envisage :sweat_smile:

He is literally saying try it first and then give him your feedback why are you still crying lol

100000000.10% agree. I was literally going to make a topic about this earlier, copying the below from my draft:

It’s terrible. It’s really, horribly ugly. I almost dropped my phone in sheer, unfiltered disgust. I honestly hope at the very least this unholy creation will only be in Escape, and Versus will have the usual damage (or “health”, whatever it’s called) Omen from previous games. I’ll always prefer Gears 1’s right enough. I’ve put reminders below:

Gears of War

Gears of War UE

Gears of War 2

Gears of War 3

Gears of War 4

I got used to Gears 4 eventually, and didn’t mind Gears 3, but Gears 1/UE/2 is by far the best.

IF this is the real omen for all game modes, they sure as hell better read this topic.


Yeah just look at the difference, is really insane.

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It’s heresy.


With you fully OP. This is one of the ugliest changes I’ve seen made to Gears. Honestly don’t know why they thought this was a good design. It takes up way too much of the screen and makes it so you can’t see anything past the center whole.
Reminds me of Call of Duty’s health system. Which isn’t a good thing.
Normally the “let’s play it first, then we’ll judge it” claim I usually stick by. But I can’t see how playing with this will make it that much better.


Gears UE and 2 have the nicest.

You just need a nice flat, red coloured Omen like those.

Nothing wrong with it.

But why go to this “new design”.



I’m all for this.

But when it’s that obvious that you’ve got almost everyone saying it’s too much,

Why wait another month until everyone is going to complain when you can offer an ALTERNATIVE in time to test.

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This new damage Omen gives too much visibility in the center I personally prefer the Gears 4 Omen because it is more center focused and in your face.

This new Omen just looks like it blocks the side vision… Okay so TC doesn’t want us too see the right wall that is shooting us? I don’t understand… The majority of the time the player shooting you will be in front of you probably center screen

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I hope they will get their mind open and keep the omen HUD as it was in the previous games. Or at least give us the option to select which damage HUD we want.

Maybe someone likes this new “omen” damage HUD



So far,

No choice.

I hope the choice is there for release.

WTF, I wasn’t aware that it was this bad.
You can barely see anything happening on your sides. There are so many things, where they could have changed stuff to be fresh but the damage omen was definitely not one of them.

We’ll see in the beta how this one fares, but honestly, I don’t see this design working very well with how gears is played. Imagine not being able to see what is happening around you in VS. I bet tons of people will die due to not being able to see.

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A lot of people are saying the same thing.

I guess TC won’t listen till after the Beta.

Shall wait and see.

No vas a ver nada

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Adding my voice to those who want it changed.


If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. No need to give it a chance if we can’t even see.


Personally i like it … It will give a good presentation of how damaged you are will still being able to see the center of screen …

I said it before and will say it again. The UI and the HUD is awful. And is in a great need of a total overhaul.
Maybe all the new functions and such in the UI are nice. But the looks and feels is not well executed.
It’s eye soring and massively over used.
Lets hope that It might been stressed due to all the new functions and therefore are allot of placeholders.

Thanks for bringing it up EnVii. This is one major concern for all gears players.


The center of the screen being blocked by the original Omen should stay because it adds to the difficulty of Gears this new Omen seems to be easier in my opinion and I don’t support removing features that add to the skill required

I would probably like the new damage Omen if it actually blocked some of the center but it’s just completely clear

How is it exactly a challenge if the center of your screen was just partially blocked? I mean, it didn’t stop me from killing three enemies in a 1v3 when a Gnasher shot at close range put me full red before I’d managed to kill anyone. This omen makes it harder to see around you if anything. Which I would say makes it more difficult than the existing omen. It’s not really a question of “skill” or “challenge” either…

And as I’ve mentioned before - just give the players the option to choose if they want the center of their screen free with this new omen or the center blocked with the old one.