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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

Think this says it all

So what goes into [designing a proper HUD] It’s a mix of anticipating user needs, maximizing user experience, and doing so in an aesthetically pleasing manner without obstructing the crucial view of the game. It’s a pretty tough balance to achieve, and even some good games struggle with HUD design.

After seeing updated screenshots… honestly, I found the version with the screen more red to be better to look at than having nothing inbetween the inverse omen and the red border. Don’t know why but my eyes can stand that better than this altered version.

It actually wasn’t changed, just the way the player was damaged.

I much prefer the least amount of red as possible but just wanted to clarify for everyone.

Oh, alright. I didn’t see that. Interesting that there’s this amount of differing visuals for different amounts of damage.


I originally thought they might have altered it a little and toned it down.

Again, still too much red but I’ll see as stated how it is when the Tech Test lands.

I still don’t like the way this new damage indicator looks I wish there was an option to change its color scheme then I’d be happier with it

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I’d be happy JUST have the Inverse Omen without any red UI for the health indicator.

The frozen omen and the other one they talk about can stay the same (they mentioned 3 in total).

If TC think it’s such a good idea then I’m happy to toggle it off and be at a “disadvantage”.


Well, for me, I’d prefer to have either the entire thing red or just the inverse omen. There’s something about having the space between the red border and omen (nearly) empty that makes it hard for my eyes to focus on the area inbetween. A toggle or adjustable intensity slider would be nice if such a thing is possible. But all will be seen in July…


Inverse Omen Only > Little Bits of Red + Omen > Lots of Red + Omen.

That’s how I see it :sweat_smile:

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Since Gears seems to be going down this rather artsy and creative path with all the colorfulness I’d definitely appreciate the ability to decide what color I want to see when damaged.

A blue damage omen would match my J.D main character amazingly

Would it? Mind you, I’m not really into JD so I never really paid much attention to the color scheme of his character.

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I’m a mega JD fan which is why I threw massive fit when Kait took his lead character role lol

Anyways I don’t want to throw EnViis thread off topic just thought I’d say ‘hey let us change HUD colors TC’

Yeah, it could be an interesting idea… but what if the background’s blue(I asked myef that same question when I thought of something that could match with Kait’s color scheme in 5 which could be white… but then, if there’s lots of snow…)? And JDs armor in 5 looks grey.

Back on track, I’d guess that TC will probably aim for a compromise if they’re unwilling to turn back from this new omen(I’d prefer if they stuck to it but let players adjust it). As I don’t really think the reaction will be very positive regardless.

I know everyone freaking out about this. I was like ugh at first then I started to watch tons of gameplay on Escape. It’s growing on me and I haven’t even played it. As of right now I think it will grow on people. Try to give it a fair chance in July and see how it goes. Fair chance meaning the whole tech test not just a couple matches. Time will tell. Hope everyone enjoys Gears 5 as myself. Shaping up to be a great Gears game finally. :pray:t2:

There’s already a thread on this which I will link below and the original post has been updated with some new information and screenshots from yesterday’s dev stream.


I’m all for anything that changes the meta. Tired of constant gnasher battles. Anything to change it up a little is welcome.

I mean i dont feel like there is a Meta in Gears 4. People just like to use Gnasher. That wont change.

here is my thoughts, we as a community the gears of war community MUST unite and tell TC in no uncertain terms that the new inverse omen is too intrusive and literally effects gameplay in a very negative way.

not being able to see top, bottom, and sides because the new omen takes up the entire screen is unacceptable. the old omen clearly indicated damage but it was very small and does not obscure the players vision in anyway

if TC still will not change it before launch then everyone post launch needs to speak up on their dislike of the intrusive inverse omen launch week

Gnasher battles will never change

Time will tell. Give it a fair shot tho. It’s growing on me. Will test it out heavily tech test. Can’t wait