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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

If one or two people are bouncing around in your face and they get a good shot landed on you first, like 80-90% - and you’ve gone full red, in 4, you are not visually impaired and can fire back at least. In 5, you are visually crippled so it’s a lot harder to respond to those situations. This is altering the playstyle.


I understand that, but what I am saying is we dont know what additional changes have been made. So we dont understand the full impact to play style. I am guessing that with this change came a bunch of other balancing changes.

And honestly from the screen shot shared I dont see that as visually crippling. I could still see my enemies through that. It might be visually annoying but that I wont know until i play.

The one thing I do like is how it looks when you completely die. It’s a cool design. Maybe they can use the classic fill up, but make it “look” different.

“Feedback after tech test.” Considering the reaction is overwhelmingly negative, I’d say it’s a guaranteed change for the final game.

One can hope it would be changed but it seems to be a split down the middle for people right now. Some, like myself, dont like it already and other’s are open to it having a change.

I just watched that IGN First on the map building portion; after building it they played through and there is a clear instance of how the damage works.

I found that just from watching I’m not liking the coverage it has on the screen and the directional damage indicator is kind of annoying as it is realitive to position. I had just an absolute cockeye staring at that and nothing else. I prefer my static damage indicator in gears and I certainly miss seeing the actual crimson omen with the skull.

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I’ve only just seen this and it looks absolutely horrible. It actually looks tacky.

Is this to reduce aggressive close quarter combat? Because that’s what it seems like.

Also for anyone who doesn’t have perfect eye sight, that’s just really bad for them.

Anyone remember Gears 1, when if you was host and you killed someone, you would get the blood splatter effect on your screen… to this today, that effect looks better than this thing.


As someone who played the E3 escape demo at the burnaby microsoft store, I’d really appreciate an option to revert back to the old omen instead of using the border omen.

Yes, maybe if I played more I could get used to it, and it might be ok. But overall, I didn’t find it fun. I can also see myself struggling when switching to old gears games. I feel somewhat comfortable jumping between gears 1-4, but dislike going back to judgement because it’s locked to a different control scheme.

I feel like having the option to switch to the old health omen and old weapon crosshairs would make the game feel more backwards compatible for older players.


would peoples concerns be assuaged if the effect was lessened? basically completely removing the large swath of red between the omen and outer border of the screen?

I think yeah. On my side, i think it’s annoying because you can not spot the other enemies during a 1v1 fight, and you always have to know what to do next after your hypothetical kill.
For example, keep shouting at one target in front and seeing another one trying to flank on your side, switch to gnasher at the last time, turn around and boom. That kind of gameplay is used everyday by a lot of us, and it seems more complicated to do it with that new omen.

But i can’t wait to try it in july.

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The more I watch video of it the more I like it. You can better judge how much damage you are taking. The amount of times I am in a close combat situation with 90% damage and actually make it out alive are so small that I def see more pros than cons to the new omen damage indicator. I dont see them changing it as it would probably require a lot more changes than people think and to me it does seem like an improvement to damage indication.

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The only thing I liked about this new omen is the death screen. It looks cool

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there’s good reason for it. TC still has time to fix what the community at large seems to deem is a massive mistake. This is absolutely is not a bad time for feedback. People can see what is a visual change. Some have gotten to play with it. They hate it. TC may not be Epic, but the concern I have that they fall into the same problems Epic did remains all the same. Epic didn’t like to listen very often. They had to be constantly hounded and harassed when they made mistakes to eventually learn that their ideas weren’t what the community wanted. It happened in Gears 2 with smokes, shotguns, and stopping power. It happened in Gears 3 with the retro and sawed off. Judgment tried to change all the controls, the classic loadouts, and DBNO. you bet your ■■■ the community al complained on that too.

Be it big or be it small, I don’t trust these developers to actually listen to the concerns unless faced with a mountain of voices telling them they’re wrong. Does that sound kind of mean? I guess, but it’s a game they are selling us. If we don’t like it, bye bye. Honestly, one thing that pisses me the hell off about Gears 4 which is still in effect by the way is how if I have any more than 1 friend on, I HAVE to play competitive. if I have a disconnection or I don’t get pulled into the lobby when my friend who is the party leader tries to pull the party into the main menu and then i quit when we realize it’s too late, I get a 30 minute penalty. that is beyond stupid.

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I just think that hating it when most people havent tried it or spent time with it is jumping the gun. This could be a major improvement to the game. Noone spends the majority of their match at 90% damage where their vision would be impaired. I would rather have the improved damage indication. Right now if i have 50% damage i couldnt even tell u it looks like i have a scratch then next thing i know im dead. Honestly im shocked sometimes when it shows that someone did 50% damage to me and someone else did the other 50%. It barely registers damage indication at 50% damage.

I feel like it’s best to allow as many people as possible to voice support or opposition to the new Omen Change.

This then allows someone else the chance to respond because it can seem like one person is simply championing and endorsing, in many peoples views, a bad design change. Likewise some may be too strongly against it and have the same effect in reverse.

1). People have tried it. Some have got to the MS stores and played it for themselves. Some have posted here. Some have posted on social media. I’ve yet to see anyone say it’s a good change. This is directly from people who have played the game.

2). It seems like you are jumping the gun and simply defending something you think works perfectly fine without testing it.

3). I am basing my opinion from video footage of normal and pros playing the game and putting myself in the position of seeing the Omen. Since it’s a visual issue - me playing it isn’t going to magically make it look better, nor will I magically be able to see past a big red screen with a tunnel vision omen.

4). I’ve conceded waiting till after the tech test and this is what I would request to you. Post if you want, carry on if you want. I can only ask you to think about others who want to voice out their opinion and not have people immediately tell them there’s nothing wrong and that they need to try it first - it’s fantastic that you don’t think it’s an issue but likewise, take your own advice, try it first and then give your opinion rather than shooting down everyone who sits in the majority on this forum and doesn’t like the change.

1). The whole point is of how fast it builds up and visually impairs you.

2). Someone who can hit a good first gansher shot or sits and camps to rifle will get you there VERY QUICK.

3). By visually crippling and impairing someone with so much red and tunnel vision is giving into the “first mover advantage” that you could efficiently counter previously. Now, I want to shoot you as early as possible or sit and cross anyone and everyone because I know you will - whether you disagree or not - lose some kind of visual clarity. This has never been the case in 5 previous games and is an unwelcome change because you are only disadvantaged when shot first.

In no way to I see improved damage indication. Never once have I felt in previous games this wasn’t good enough. Never once have I personally seen a thread or saw online someone say it needs to be better. A small arrow on the old Omen is enough tbh - this efficiently and effectively shows you where the bullets are coming from.

Again, personal experiences, I can tell when the Omen is really red and I’m down to a few HP.

The old Omen could clarify this in different ways than going Inverse and a huge red screen.

To summarise:

1). It’s really good to see you are happy with the change. Nothing is better than a change being put into place that people accept as beneficial to the game.

2). It’s also good to see you’ve voiced your opinion and support like a few others on here. We get that you like it.

3). Some of us have played the game with the new Omen.

4). The rest of us are waiting to try it but again, it’s visual, it could be even more annoying when you play yourself!

5). I guess the main feedback for TC is to say look, you’ve shown us the game in a set format and the majority seem to definitely be against the new omen. It’s better now that TC perhaps talk about, plan, perhaps even try an alternative JUST IN CASE. Imagine the tech test came out and a overwhelming majority dislike it? I’d rather TC have a solid solution in place.

6). I’ve always said I’ll accept what TC decides if all other options and opinions are dismissed because at the end of the day, they will make it how they think it should be.

7). You have to think about everyone. I have a lot of D5 friends who are passionate, love the game and also have a certain play style which is Gnasher heavy. This really is against that play style. Just think about 2v1 lancers or 2v1 Gnasher fights. You can very quickly be blinded and be less effective at countering that, it takes away the skill of the player to outmanoeuvre and outplay in that case - whether you believe it’s not that visually impairing or not - it is to a degree whether you think a little or a lot. And this play style is very fun, rewarding and how a lot of people have played since the first one. Now it’s all of a sudden, not the best or effective way to play.

8). You can see from the replies to this thread, it wasn’t going to be a big issue, people wouldn’t have responded so passionately and against it.

9). I’m sure we all want to see Gears 5 do good. I just can’t see how it’s beneficial to new players who will get UI overload or seasoned players who like to engage in CQC. Because I can tell you now people will lancer even more knowing the effects of not being able to see!

10). I don’t want to say anymore on the subject now till after the tech test. I think it’s great to give everyone a chance to voice their support or opposition to the change but it will do very little till after the tech test in TCs eyes anyway - so my request would be to just let people have their say and not have someone constantly supporting or trying to go against the opinion. I welcome everyone voicing their opinion and why but at the moment, it’s difficult to give support to something you personally might not have tried and are trying to say you shouldn’t say you don’t like it till you tried it. Because most people that have tried it, haven’t liked it.

11). It would be great, and I’ve said this from Gears 4, if TC implements a “voting” screen within the Game. This way, TC can directly engage with the fans and pretty much the entire playerbase. So when you log on, you get a simple question screen. People can then vote and enter the game. This could be for anything. Whether it’s game changes, new characters, maps they want back or whatever it might be.

I liked how they did the Social Media voting for the characters not long ago.

12). Thanks for reading, my opinions are my own, I only wish the best for the game, I look forward to the tech test, seeing MP and of course having the final product on 6th September. My next post in this thread will most likely come on the 19th/20th July where I can hopefully say I was wrong and that I like it - unless some new information comes to light - If not, I’m sure to just provide the feedback to TC and hope that leads somewhere.

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Honestly, it looks like they already have. I was watching the gameplay footage that IGN released showing the map editor and it appears to be lessened from the first few videos that popped up at E3.

To add to a recent poll from 15,000 that I put up here from IGN…Gamestop has a top ten Pre order list and it goes as follows:

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I fully respect your opinion. And i agree and have stated I wont know until I play it. I do believe this needs to be seen in a Versus settings with all the changes as a package (not escape). I am with you as wanting to see the game succeed which is why I am trying to propose lets wait and see approach instead of TC killed the game. Every game under goes changes even post release. Sure I wouldnt mind TC having alternate options handy. If the majority are truly against it then change it.

To me this is how i see the whole thing. Im buying Gears 5 no matter what (well actually i have the ultimate game pass). The impact of how good or bad the versus is will determine how much time I put into the game. So far I like what TC has added to the game as far as customizations. The Omen im not going to say I made a decision on until i spend time with it in a Versus setting. I know people say they have played it and dont like it. Just noone has spent time with it in a Versus setting which is where it really matters. I can tell when im really damaged with the classic Omen but I cant tell if im 20% or 50%. From the video i have watched it does seem to scale up more clearly. That doesnt mean that im sold on it.

Yeah but I know it was said many times already, you won’t have a different opinion by playing it hands on compared to seeing the established gameplay. @baconman886 said it perfectly, every installment adds something new, not taking away. That’s where Judgement went wrong, and where this Omen is going wrong. I’m not saying change it completely, but change the opacity or give players the option to change.


@III_EnVii_III 38mins 35sec on the recent dev stream, im not sure if its because of the lighting or if they actually toned down the omen but it definitely looks different, much more transparent and the dark red doesn’t come in as much.


Since there’s been new information and an explanation from the Dev Stream, I do just want to add something, I see from Ryan’s point of view he is talking about 3 systems into one and how to show them as well as the Omen not blocking where your aim would be and so on, hence using the sides to show health and that you only go ridiculous red when you are 98-99% - but they key is - you are still alive at this point. You would otherwise, in previous games, have no visual penalty and no disadvantage.

The new Omen itself could be accepted if it was toned down. At the moment, you start taking damage and you start losing vision really fast, someone who one Gnasher hit 80-90% you or quick fire on HB/Markza and so on, gets you there fast.

This is annoying, frustrating and very off-putting. The game needs to be fun and be rewarding for different play styles. It’s literally the only thing I would change right now about the game from what’s been shown, I can accept the strange weapon crosshairs, I can accept the super boost out of cover, I can accept health bars, health numbers and so on. But the Omen being much subtler and not being so aggressive on screen would be a change for the better.

Even for Health, if the new Inverse Omen was used by itself, would have much better than having the sides.

If TC think it’s so essential to have and so much more informative, then let me, the player, choose to have the Top, Bottom and Sides OFF.

I’ll take the “disadvantage” of not knowing how hurt I am in that case. Because the Inverse Omen does a perfectly good job anyway.

Looking at the footage on the time stamp, it does look a lot better but for me, as stated above, I’d like it even more toned down or give me the option to only have the Inverse Omen with no other Health indicator. The other UI for being Frozen and what not can stay the same.

This request would just be for Health.