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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

Are you talking about the brighter tone it’s become compared to the grittiness of war that Gears 1-Judgement had?

I did mention how they’re all under NDA, which is why they would need special permissions to talk about what has been currently revealed and nothing else. All I’ve suggested is a way to calm down people for the time being, since most seem to be taking this way too harshly.

Even just a reassurance tweet like “I’m fine with these changes” (where they don’t really even have to mention anything about any changes specifically) would go a long way for some of these people like Envii here.

I do not think a tweet would change or calm anything down. Rather the opposite, It will trigger allot of people. I mean its not just me and envii that are confused over this. Its all over the internet where theres something to do with Gears 5.

People that i do play with has stated it aswell. They are not forum dwellers or twitter users.
They saw it on e3. or at some youtubers,

That’s why they have TC octus. He is a well composed guy that share a limited amount of information. Not to much and not to little.

pro players or not it is an obvious issue.
The red eyes are there for a solid 5 seconds.

At higher level gameplay simply taking cover doesn’t guarantee a safe regeneration in fact any experienced player will know you are fully damaged and push you instantly.

Of course TC Octus has confirmed that there are experienced and highly skilled gamers testing the game which does suggest that these scenarios have been tested with the new damage Omen

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Seasoned?.. You misspelled crooked lol

those first images seem to misrepresent the issue you have. taken at the 99% range of being taken down. post some shots of the other side of the spectrum.

this seems like an overreaction at this point, 328 posts for something that’s 3 months out from launch. you need to be open to new things because that’s how you don’t evolve and get stuff like wall cancels, spotting, new weapons, customization. etc.


Evolve? Evolve the damage Omen into a less desirable version? Talk about 2 steps back and 1 step forward

Sure the damage omen could use some evolution and I can think of several ways they could have improved the original

if they do not fix this before launch there is going to be a huge backlash because of people having their vision obscured when damaged

play gow 4 in any mode and you will see that no matter how damaged you are it does not ■■■■ with your ability to see or fight back effectively


I mean… I know Gears isn’t popular this generation, but my god, second only to a Wolfenstein co-op stand-alone?

Maybe an E3 presentation with gameplay would have given them some juice? You know, instead of showing a 30 trailer and a CGI trailer with Lil John.

As it stands, only Gears fans are looking forward to Gears I feel. The general populace probably has no clue this game is even coming out this year.

on topic:

I don’t understand the logic in blinding the screen in complete red. I thought developers had moved past this for the most part since late last-gen, where the influx of competitive gaming drove the minimalist design for better player feedback at taking damage?


Hahahaha cover will regenerate you playing on any level bar Ironman .

You mention high level of players yet the Escape game play looked as though it was being played by goats.

I agree it causes difficulty and as I said before I am not sure its the right move and will have to play it myself to see f it adds a new level of play. It seems people are focusing on how it makes play difficult but perhaps because there are a high level of experienced plays in the game, this was added in order to make your experience more difficult and in turn create a better player.

There was some clips shown where Escape was played by pro and another on Elite difficulty. Both had gameplay where they seemed to know what they were doing.

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meh , seeming to know what your doing sounds like ‘yeah I played the tutorial, lets go’

A minor concern will be how it looks in HDR.

The colours tend to be a lot richer and thus have the ability to perhaps be a lot more visually distracting. Hope the balance is good.

Especially on the brightness front. My display can easily exceed 1,000 nits so being so close may be uncomfortable.

You don’t want to actually get blinded when someone throws a very bright flashbang :sweat_smile:

Just again saw some game play.

@TC_Octus I noticed screen starts to get red as you take damage. I guess the idea is (it could be big in gears world), player’s visual should impact as they take damage. Clearly someone with 80%+ damage shouldn’t able to see things clearly and shoot anyone with crazy wallbouncing.

I could be wrong? but thats what i got out of it

@III_EnVii_III : FYI mate

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I feel like only being able to see the target or immediate threat while wounded is actually a good idea. Instead of having your target disrupted by an omen.

They could have taken a cue from Deadspace if they wanted to go a different cleaner direction.; No HUD. All systems needed are on your character. They were ahead of the curve even on last gen and they fully utilized a functional design with their 3rd person view.

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To me, and IMO, its pretty clear what one of the intended goals here is with the new Omen. I believe @III_EnVii_III sees it the same way (correct me if I’m wrong of course). I see it as an effort to change the play style of gameplay and fit “Gears” amongst the other big shooter games out there. I see this promoting less aggressive Gnasher play (don’t want to risk being blinded), and more mid range weapon style fights. One of the best things in Gears is being able to outplay and survive a situation where you are 90% damaged in close range. Separates the good players from the great players.


I have my doubts that the Gears community will change the way they have always played simply because TC has a new vision for Gears versus and a new damage omen that covers the sides.

I think we will still see the gnasher warriors gnashering everything in sight probably turning their brightness on maximum to reduce shadows

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I think its hard to tell from one change how the style might change, however, high rank is mostly lancer and power weapons as it is. Gnasher is still limited to close combat situations. So i dont really see a difference there. If you are red now you dont typically try to rush in with your Gnasher you take cover and try to recover. I dont think any of us will know until we play what the impact is. There could be other changes such as weapon damage shot distance that have also been tweaked.

I dont really think it matters what they change. It matters if the game is equally as fun or more fun. That might vary by person. I am a lot more open minded though and not fixed on having the same exact Gears. If i want to play Gears 4 I could still go play it, but maybe Gears 5 will just be superior in every way with the changes made. I think we will know more when they unveil the Versus.