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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

Alright, thanks for the reply(I wasn’t expecting it). I wasn’t questioning that the team was aware of the stricter Versus requirements, just was part of why I posed my question. I suppose I’ll just wait for what comes out of this matter, then.

Generally speaking, how well would you say their experience from previous games translates into this one?

If the omen is changed to the gears 4 version will we have an option to use the gears 5 version in PvE modes?
I like the new omen and would rather use it over the gears 4 version if the team decides to make that change.

I knew you guys had said you have internally playtested with Pro players before, I’m sure they’re all under NDA but it might help the community with all this early backlash if people could hear some thoughts from some of them about some of the already revealed changes. I completely agree that people need to play it first before being able to form a proper opinion about it, but maybe this would relieve them a little bit if they hear that the Pros are liking it?

Just my two cents, I’m liking the change so far as it appears to show damage better instead of having to mostly guess at exactly how opaque the old Omen was. Also hoping that parts of the campaign will do more with it, can’t wait to hopefully see that in action!

I see it vividly.

So you wanna keep your job? Enjoy the paycheck?
Go out and speak with the community.
Tell them what you think about the new omen.

Speak from your heart. We will not judge you.

You know they are under allot of pressure and stress right now. Crunch time deluxe. I cant see anyone want to make a mistake at this point

The Pro players that are playtesting are likely on a contract, and are just giving feedback and playtesting. All I suggested was to let a few of them state what they think of the changes publicly (out of the stuff that’s been revealed). I really don’t see why people wouldn’t realize that these players would’ve been the first to complain about the changes, but here we are with the Inverse Omen after what I’m assuming was pretty extensive playtesting.

I can only assume that each of the players grew to like it, otherwise we wouldn’t be getting what we seem to be.

In an open area with more light.

It is still very difficult to see, I wouldnt mind if the red outline around the omen was there, If the area between the omen and the red border wasn’t there. I would find it less of an issue.

If the aim is to punish people for charging in like an idiot, which I feel only new players will do, fine, but why go for a literal “full red”? Never go full red. Can’t see ***.

Also not giving up on it. Still hyped for this game. Still optimistic. Too much negativity in this industry. Been in development for two years now, and if they have old school Gears fans saying they like it, then I’ll keep a cautious optimism and give them benefit of the doubt.

This looks like a low res screenshot tbh. Not to take away from your point but lower resolution will also make it harder to see as well, which normally isn’t the case. Unless you don’t have an X and 4k TV, that is.

Yeah, it’s a screenshot from my phone. Was watching at 720p. I’m sure graphically it will be better at higher resolution. I mean a general sense of the omen being changed to deliberately block peripheral vision.

As of now, I’m gonna have to get a new xbox and tv. 1S broke last week. May as well upgrade to a 1X & 4ktv.
Considering a 27" one with freesync.

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That’s actually possible. Octus has been referring to the reason for the change being something about a new rifle meta, but I’m not entirely certain what that actually means, in terms of what it entails for PvP combat. Nor how blocking peripheral vision would accomplish that. But higher resolution would make it easier to distinguish what is behind the (more or less) translucent red layer. I’d be fine with it in this state for PvE modes, at least. But might be a bit much for PvP.

Though if I personally had an issue with it(which I don’t really do), it would be that the red shade of the directional damage indicator seems a little intense.

Because the trailer was atrocious and by far the worst trailer in the series. Cringe doesn’t even begin to describe how awful it was. 1509927336487

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I thought the kait trailer was goos but the escape trailer reminded me of the battlefield 5 trailer like… what is this lol

All im saying is that you cant let some former proplayers or QAs contracted by the company come out and say they grew to like it.

Even if they would like to do so they are under NDA and also hired by the company. ( you dont want to be seen as a backstabber in the gaming industry)
A company needs to stand by thier decisions together, Even if its just a few people that made the choice. It can only be freely critisied and talk about inhouse.

You nailed it, my friend.

Why is this such a big debate? I’m getting annoyed now. It’s worked fine for five games. Have respect for the bloody original and leave the omen alone. Cliff would be disgusted. It’s plain and simple. People must stop defending TC’s very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very ve-he-reee poor logic.


ME: Why change it when it worked for a decade
TC: hmmm… We can’t fix (Name any Gears 4 issue here). We are gonna screw up something working
ME: :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

All good points, I love the old and look forward to the new of course with some concerns as we always fear new changes to a game(s) we love.

But I guess the new makes sense in that Gears Is a cover based game, we forget that a touch but thats the game. So yes the new damage indicator is obstructive, but if you get into cover like your meant to then it will fade.

Then WOOP WOOP WOOP you can see all.

I think its funny how much people are over reacting. You have some people that don’t want to see anything change. Then others that are complaining that there won’t be enough change. And some people that are complaining that its both changing and its not changing (which I didn’t think was possible until today). Lets stay calm and try the game in its entirety before we say how horrible and unbalanced the game is now because they changed the amount of red on the screen when you get shot gun blasted in the face. There could be numerous changes that need this change to balance them out. So try hard to keep an open mind.

Made me laugh out loud. Thank you


Wtf does American Politics have to do with changing the Omen in Gears 5?


So… no ones gonna talk about how bad the art direction has been changed since gears 4 and 5?..