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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

Borderlands 3 is my top priority with DOOM in a close second. Gears 5 is a “well, it’s free on game-pass so I’ll blow through as quickly as possible.”

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I wouldn’t even count the Gears briefing as a trailer. It looked like it could’ve been a Pepto Bismol commercial since Kait looked like she was having a stomach issue from her face flinching and grimacing so damn much.

Same here bro. Gears 5 for a week, Borderlands will take over (going back to Gears 5 here and there though) then Doom Eternal along going back to Borderlands

I’m not sure you understand that this isn’t so much about our ability to play Gears with the new damage omen but more about simply not liking its design.

You guys seriously underestimate just how often players take damage in Gears PvP and this new omen is obnoxious


I mean maybe the game is going to be really bad. It is kind of odd to have a game unplayable (besides some mode noone cares about) at the biggest gaming event of the year, 3 months before the game comes out. But im going to reserve judgement for after the Tech Test.

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I’ll literally be seeing red 99% of the time in multiplayer so all other visual efforts will be completely wasted. lol

I’ll be better off going back to playing Super Hot for more color variation.


Maybe it will improve our gaming abilities since we wont want to look at it. Look at the bright side! You can still see something. That means you havent been blown to pieces yet.


Get crossed enough as it is.

Now it’s 10x worse.

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When I first returned to Gears I quickly learned that even when your 100% behind cover you aren’t safe with moves like the wrap shot, back As, Up As and reaction shots being in the mix.

Just yesterday I had an opponent literally miss roll at me while I was crouched behind cover and they 1 shot bodied me over cover mid-roll

Imagine getting fully damaged and being forced to take cover but right as you take the cover in hopes of regenerating the opponent throws a smoke grenade to smoke stun you because he plays for damage and plays for keeps leaving you with only two options either move from the cover or get gnashered in the face

Now imagine all of this going on with the Gears 5 Omen in your optics :roll_eyes:


Lol adjust and overcome. Its minor to me. I just hope everything plays smooth. And hope they have enough depth to keep people playing the game. But all this negativity about the omen is making think this game is going to be horrible, and I havent even played it yet. For all i know the Omen could make me see better than ever.

Adjust and overcome? There is such a thing as a no win scenario especially in Gears Of War there’s no need to make these scenarios even more impossible friend


It’s just dull and boring.

People will switch off.

My friends are already talking about doing Gears 5 story and then going to Halo: MCC.

So many people have got the Game Pass now so the alternatives are easy.

Plus Modern Warefare is back and regardless of what you may think - people will play it.

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Ruin the game.

“Adjust and overcome”


For 5 games, it’s been no issues whatsoever.

Actually, one of the only solid things about the series.


To me Gears of War is about the strategy. If anything this adds more strategy it doesnt take it away. And most of the time when you are beet red about to die its survival instinct that gets you out of it. Regardless of what is on the screen your survival instinct kicks in. So to me its not a game changer. The bigger game changer is that most people are already giving up on the game before they have even tried it. Thats what worries me more than any minor mechanic and cosmetic changes.



I disagree I would actually say it takes away from the strategy but I’ve heard about new features that might prove me wrong. Ultimately I’ll have to play the game to gain a true perspective

The scale of dialogue and nature of the feedback would definitely play a role in determining the response - whether that was further tuning to the new Omen or something more drastic.


What I question is - can the new Omen(as it currently stands) also be judged for Campaign and Horde(and Escape, since I have not really watched its footage or played it - spoiler avoiding…) by playing Versus, which generally has far stricter(and different) requirements for what is acceptable for it to remain playable/enjoyable?

Given we have former Pro Players from both UE and 4 on our team playtesting the game as part of our MPLD sessions (which already contains a lot of OG Gears fans with high skill), we are very aware of the stricter requirements / demands for Versus compared to the other modes.

I know that’s not what you’re asking (there’s not really an answer for this one), but I just do want to reiterate that there is some serious representation for Gears Versus players internally.

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