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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

It’s not a good sign when they make a change like that.

How about instead of bolstering your post count with depthless responses, you actually give some reasons behind such a lacking response? I am having a hard time understanding what you are basing such a claim on. Are you trying to imply the entire game/series in going in the wrong direction because of loose decisions like this one?

It is going to stop me from trying to Gnasher play and it’s going to be very annoying when you are trying to Gnasher and getting rifled.

Because you can’t see anything.

It’s not about allowing myself to get damaged.

No one can escape taking damage.

Sometimes, I’m the one who gets 83% from one shot.

Now, I can’t see anything and can’t react as a result.

They both don’t work. That’s the point.

One is simple and just works,

The other is just plain obstructive and wants to enact rifle play at all times.

So your adding in the problems on top of this ridiculous new health UI as a reason why this isn’t so bad?

It’s definitely a huge step backwards.

Defend visionally blinding people all you want,

It doesn’t change the fact that this:

Will always be better than this:

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Personal attacks are going to help you look smarter?

Or have you ignored my replies in this thread?

That’s what I was responding to.

I read your reply and gave my response, do you need a paragraph for every single reply?

If you are having a hard time understanding, just go through my replies in this thread - or even the OP.

I’m sure that should help :+1:

I think many of us have been implying this for sometime now. I’m personally very concerned with the future of Gears


They’ve changed the UI that affects everyone.

They’ve added in health bars and damage numbers.

Taken away region choice.

Blindly added in Strict Matchmaking without being able to adjust or tweak or it (having moved onto Gears 5).

The crosshairs look confusing, you know, the aim that you use to fire the guns :confused:

There’s just so much about it that has set off alarm bells early on.

I accept TC won’t take feedback yet until the Tech Test.

But it’s easy to see the issues when people have highlighted them from all parts of the community.


Why do people act like this is some unwordly invention? They might have added those for, you know, visual clarity on how much an enemy takes to kill and the damage a weapon does? Ontop of that, you can literally just turn them off.

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Well I do believe this one thing will be a make or break for TC. Once the beta comes out in July, we will give this new omen a try and then give feedback to TC and see what they do from there. TC may like it, but it’s not about them. It’s about the fans. I myself do not play much MP at all and I HATE the new omen. It’ll certainly bother me while playing Horde. To be honest too, if the Esports “pro” players don’t mind it, then they won’t change it because that’s all that matters is Esports to them.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again TCs mindset of lets be different! lets get crazy! is troubling we have historical examples like Gears Judgement showcasing that being different isn’t always a good thing sometimes you need to capitalize on your strengths and build upon the foundation that supported the entire structure in the first place

Creativity has its place as does moderation

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It won’t stop me trying Gnasher against Rifle. I wouldn’t have to “try”. I know I can do it. If I could, you can. You may be holding yourself back.

I can. Except the outer borders of the screen which is opaque red. If I can, you can. Unless one of us sees better. Hand eye co-ordination and ability to spot better. These are learned skills and traits in gamers.

True, but you won’t always see this obnoxious , awkwards full red screen. That is like… what? 90% to 99% damage taken? Take one more shot and you’re down or dead. You shouldn’t even be exposed out or out in open then! The screen isn’t the problem. Your positioning would be the problem. You would need to bunker down or get one more shot to downed.

What’s more important than full red screen is, not getting shot once more time.

They both work. Otherwise they wouldn’t be made?

About those two pictures, especially Gears 3 Queen Myrrah shooting while full red, deep dark red. Do you see the problem here? The character was exposed out of cover. That is the number 1 problem. They shouldn’t be exposed. What’s gonna happen now is that if get shot once more time, that player character will get downed. Why is that guy not hiding behind cover? They are taking risk.

The Escape screenshot, that character shouldn’t be exposed. When the player sees full red, they should and would immediately take cover. Signals much better. If the game has to visually handicap you while trying to save you from getting shot one more time, then it seems to be working. Get visually handicapped? Take cover. Because all it takes is one more shot and downed. You can thank the system later.

Another point that hasn’t been mentioned at all is… that map is dark. Dark map + full red new Omen = you see much less. Because there’s dark areas on the map. What if the map was bright and sunny? It won’t be so 50% to 75% opaque. You may actually see much better on brighter maps. We can’t judge based on one dark map alone.

If it’s in MP,

It will be horrible.

You can try to Gnasher.

But all everyone is going to do is rifle more.


Because you will be blinded.

And even if you Gnasher, first hit will be critical - your vision gone.

It’s literally not even fun to engage at close range anymore.

I’m sorry but you cannot see apart from the middle.

In the heat of the moment, if someone is standing at the sides or whatever, you can’t see.

You can’t even tell where your gun is pointing!

But it’s pointless to even argue that point.

The design is bad.

It builds up very fast.

Watch the gameplay - it creeps on you very quick and goes beyond reason.

Doesn’t mean it was made that it will work - TC believe it’s a good change.

And if you took a vote of people who like it to don’t, you’d see the players massively against it.

So who’s more important here?

TC + a handful of people?

Or the rest of the population?

Characters were exposed?

So you agree all it’s going to do is keep people on cover?

Boring and people will switch off.

I dont have a problem with it. I can see how taking a shotgun blast to the face would impact your vision.

This is exactly what I am thinking. I fear this will have a big impact on gameplay and change what has always made gears fun and different.

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That’s the biggest issue.

If they just kept it to a minimum and perhaps just a little on the top, bottom and sides, then fine.

Something like this would be a compromise:

But as it stands,

Way too much and original will always be better.

Plus, the inverse Omen looks ridiculously large.

On a side Note, not sure how much love IGN gets from you guys/gals here but they did a poll for Which Upcoming Shooter Are You Most Excited About? (This is out of 15,000 people only mind you)
Halo Infinite - 29.2%
Borderlands 3 - 28.5%
Doom Eternal - 17.6%
COD Modern Warfare - 13.6%
Gears 5 - 7.5%
Wolfenstein - 3.6%



I saw the top 10 most viewed trailers of E3 and I think Gears 5 was in at number 8.

Doesn’t inspire confidence :eyes:

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This is all I have to say on this topic…

Oh ouch. I did not know they about the trailer.


Gears isn’t even on this list: