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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen


See the resident evil games. The character takes damage and is showing how hurt it is by changing the walk and run animation.

Oh. Yeah. I thought of something like that a while back about how a character could show where they have been shot(so say, if they were shot in the leg they would limp, less steady aim if shot in the arm, etc). In Campaign, of course. But I don’t really know if/think that TC would do so.

Think the reason is the PVP mode. you should not get to much disadvantages while playing pvp and other players can tell how hurt you are.

But it will be the case now aswell. People that get hurt will not be able to know what happens around them. And their aim will be much worse than a none hurt player.

( the new tom clancy game Breakpoint will also have that kind of animation,)

Having a big red screen is not realistic in any way.

Blood splatter, ok.

And you can easily tell where damage is coming from with a simple arrow on the Omen.

When watching the gameplay vid,

I see nothing but confusion until your whole screen goes red.


Especially with these health bars and damage numbers floating out of people.

I think it wouldn’t be too hard to keep those kinds of animations/effects out of PvP. I’m not a developer(only ever did a basic introduction to Java programming in school) but usually you can use variables in code to switch certain things on or off based on need, in a program.

On that matter - I did some testing last night and the Gears 4 omen does show you where damage comes from… but like, only for a second or two.

And I’ve never felt this to be lacking to the point where we get to this:

Yes they probably could. But the problem then is that the player got taught how the player look when the player got hurt and in PVP they need to learn something new.
Consistency through out the game is what you want as a player and developer.

It would also be a lot of animation not used i big areas of the game. But i do agree that it is something thet could be implemented allot more in the game.

Maybe. I don’t really pay attention to or have much time to pay attention to where the indicator is pointing out where I’m getting shot from in most cases anyway so it’s something I easily miss. Though I also must say that eventually a directional indicator isn’t necessary for me as it isn’t hard to figure out where shots come from yourself in a third person shooter.

It was a non issue for me.

I could tell where I was being shot from anyway.

I think it’s trying to deter and discourage you from doing risky moves.

I would prefer a different version this time around to freshen it up. A full red screen when you’re near death or down would probably get more attention, more than simply a rounded COG wheel in center of screen.

The red screen screams at you to take cover immediately. It does the job better than COG wheel.

A full red screen is also as close as you can get to a death screen. When you die, your whole screen is red. It’s like phases. From small to medium, massive red to complete red at death.

It actually looks good to me. It would be boring to keep going the same formula with little changes.

What’s the difference from being wounded a little to a lot? Just different shades. Light shade. Deep, dark shade.

And the new version… it covers percentage of your screen. It tells and signals you much better. Instead of going from small COG wheel in middle of screen to complete red screen at death. That’s a big phase difference when you compare red percentages on screen.

And you should try to stick to facts as well. We can actually see through the red. It’s actually translucent and not 100% opaque so we aren’t completely blind. If so, then might need eyes checked.

You really, really don’t like this new damage omen, do you? Well that’s the purpose. You’re not supposed to like it. It gets your attention waaay more than the old omen. It’s telling you to pay more attention to your damage.

I’m very curious to see if after the beta is done and if the community decides that they don’t like this new damage omen will TC actually listen and change it to suit our preference or will they just go “nope our way is the best and final way” as they have done many times in the past

You are one of very few people that like this new Omen almost everyone I have asked has said they aren’t sure they like it all and immediately said “I’m not sure why they changed this”

I haven’t really asked anybody but you gotta know that Twitter, forums and Reddit don’t add up to the general population. I don’t really think most would care. It’s like small changes to reticules / cross hairs. It’s not gonna be the end of the world and can easily get around it. On social media discussions, they are basically the most vocal.

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Perhaps you should ask someone.

The general population that buys Gears tend to play the campaign maybe spend a few hours on horde or PvP and then quit playing completely it’s this audience that TC continually tries to keep around with these fancy ideas and it just doesn’t work.

Lets also keep in mind a large amount of the dedicated Gears playerbase don’t speak English

I’m not supposed to like it?

I’m being encouraged to sit behind cover and rifle even more?

Am I playing the game to have fun,

Or am I playing to be blinded and made to play a certain way?

This is a game after all that people want to enjoy.

I never felt like when the old Omen was FULLY DARK RED on screen that I was confused in anyway, shape or form.

What you write there is the exactly the opposite of what this game needs.

Imagine trying to get clips of 1v 2-3-4-5 situations.

Big red screen isn’t any good.

And it does go obtrusive really fast.

We will be seeing so many more threads and comments on this, throughout the social media channels, here on the forums and so on.

The last thing I wasn’t is this game to die out fast.

Things like this will force that.

It’s not even about liking or not liking it.

It’s the practicality of it.


It’s not going to stop you from using Gnasher or other weapons. This depends on the map, your positioning, range to enemies and so on. Just because we might have new Omen, it’s not trying to refrain you from using other weapons. Unless you’re playing something like Ranked TDM where Rifle play seems to dominate.

This will depend if you allow yourself to get damaged. But if you really don’t care about having poor vision from the red, then you won’t have to feel so oppressed. You should be able to play however you want and not let it get into you. This is a small thing compared to the whole Versus experience.

Me neither. It’s just about what design choices does a better job at signalling you the damage indicator. They both work, sure. But which signals you much better? You don’t have to be confused by both. They both aren’t gonna confuse me either.

If something like Theater mode or kill cams turn up, that will probably enhance recording liked spectator mode. People may get used the new Omen that it doesn’t have to bother much when watching these clips.

This depends. Everyone has different opinions. Little red = little damage. Big red = big damage. All red = dead.

I’m sure there’s many other things that does a better job at deterring people away from the game. Like Rank System not being consistent or people not being satisfied. Getting bored of the gameplay in general. Other games coming out that’s more interesting. The new Omen would be a silly reason for someone to drop and dump the game completely. A small thing that has that big impact? I almost forgot, penalties and suspensions. It’s basically a time out card for 15+ minutes, depending whether accidental or on purpose. Then someone might go AFK or boot up another game.

I won’t need to. I’ve already been asked.

I’ll probably end up thinking, “that wasn’t so bad”.

Wow, this thread is blowing up.

With good reason I suppose, as this is the centerpiece of competitive Gears.

I have to admit, the inverse omen is ugly, unappealing, and makes a not even yet released game look dated. However, with that being said, I haven’t played it yet, so it seems a little premature to overreact.

If anything, TC has shown that they are willing to make big changes to the game post launch, so I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape.