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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

I updated it on the topic:

You’re right, it’s bloody awful though. A circle? It looks and acts ridiculous when it expands upon firing.

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I actually appreciate its concept, and did have my issues with the old omen. I think it’s a move in the right direction, however, I do find it somewhat overbearing from what I’ve seen. I’ll have to try it before I can properly judge it, but I think it’ll end up being toned down–slightly, based on the feedback I’ve read.

I like the idea but the end result is far from pleasing, with all of the new changes it looks a lot like Judgement 2.0.

It’s so you can’t see the bs lag as much…

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This is crazy! I thought they’d either have you pick between or they would change it as it goes on. I do hope they fix it, the red around your entire screen can get annoying! Maybe if they keep this but do it like the old one maybe that would be slightly better? I’m just throwing a small little idea out there.

That HUD is basically the eyes of someone that has been to a music festival for 1 week.

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It is kind of worrisome that the coalition dosen’t listen to thier QA department. That has seen and called out this problem a long time ago. And also the community is pointing at the same problem. But its still waiting on the tech test… I mean this is just wierd.

How many people need to address the problem.

The QAs just got used to it. But if they could choose between another option would they still play with it?

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I guess it’s their mentality that they are always 100% right until a large amount of people complain and then they can come out with “we were wrong and listened to the people”.

Right now, they’ve made changes to the aiming crosshairs (as stated, the circle for the Enforcer looks stupid) and a massive change in the Omen.

So, I’m hoping come July, once they get enough people, they will off a toggle or do the right thing and change it.

Because Streamers are already saying that how will people watch when in any engagement, all you get is a big red screen?

Also, for eSports Tournaments,

Big red screens everywhere?

And for us playing ourselves, it’s just frustrating.

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Yes that is the right mind set to have.
But they do have an inhouse QA department that should be able to point out this. And argue for it.
It seems that they given up or hoped for the community to state the obvious.

And also as you said the streamers have to deal with this on an whole diffrent level.

Its just mind blowing how they are going trough with it.

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I can only hope that they change it before or at least, soon after the Tech Test.

Ryan Cleven (Head of MP Design) - is trying to say they technically need this new Omen.

I disagree - nothing wrong with the previous ones.

Just give it a nice clean, updated look and that its.

Why even go there in the first place ???

Clearly so many people, in fact, almost everyone who has seen it has raised concerns.

That should be a warning sign to them straight away.

How some things get through Q&A is beyond me.

I’ll offer to move work for free if TC needs a actual gamer and someone who is familiar with the franchise to advise on these things :sweat_smile:


No offense, but… do you know what’s going on behind the scenes in Gears 5 development? They may need it after all. Sure, it doesn’t have to be as obstructive if you don’t want it to be… but I don’t think that they would’ve gone and changed the old omen if they could just have kept it. Unless you want a blank screen for damage indicator(granted, this current thing may not be the most practical but you might convince them to allow players to tone it down if they want).

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with the old omen. But this new one apparently suits some aspects of 5 better, and we have absolutely no clue of anything that will be in the game right now and the tech test is definitely not going to tell you about everything that’s going to be in the game, right? It is representative for Versus. Not other modes. If the compromise was to turn the intensity down for Versus when the test is over would that be acceptable?


“Hey development team, shall we change something that’s worked perfectly for the last 5 games?”

“That’s a genius idea!”

“Ok, we are going to completely ruin what we had!”

“Sounds perfect!”

“Everyone gets a raise, yay!”

I imagine something like that.

I don’t get why you feel the need to defend it.

1). How can they possibly “need it”.

It’s just a health / damage indicator and the previous ones worked perfectly fine.

The new one offers nothing more functionally and it’s the VISUAL design that’s the issue.

2). Apparently suits it better?

Every time I watch a video of Escape gameplay, it’s the same distraction and ugly UI of the Omen that sticks out as well as the nonsensical Crosshairs.

3). The tech test is going to do nothing for me when I’ve seen the Pro’s and ex-Pro’s plus noobs play the game and it’s the same issue. Switching modes is going to have ZERO impact.

4). Why would I want a compromise when the previous Omen was perfectly fine?

5). I’ll repeat, the new Omen adds nothing new or different that can warrant it needing to be in 5.

Yes we can all wait till the tech test but we aren’t magically going to like it.

You can watch the videos and see how bad it is.

You playing it instead isn’t going to change that.

I’ve said before - this is a visual issue.


Well, I accept your reasoning because it’s sensible. You want it altered because of the visual obstruction it puts on players(though I have my doubts TC will change it - you know them). I have an issue when the argument is only “We hate the change because it’s not the old omen that Gears has had for so long” because it’s just what you said - a damage indicator. The way it looks should not just be such a big bother to people, yet it is.

I can only agree to what Envii says. We are not all of the sudden gonna like it when we play the tech test on the 17th July.

We see it on the escape gameplays and it seems very stupid when you are full red. You only see whats going on, on the center of the screen. Whats going on, on the outer field is almost not visible, from what I have seen in the videos.

I am very curious if they are gonna change it back to the norm. or keep it that way, after the tech test.

I dont get why you are defending it so hard though? @AmicableWall421
Did you have any problems with the old damage omen? Me personally, I never had anything against the regulare omen from Gears 1/2/3/J/UE/4.


No, no. I have no issue with the old omen. I may just happen to actually prefer the new one over the old one, albeit I can’t really argue against how it is obstructive to vision(which I don’t mind that much but well, I’m not really in a majority here).

Yeah, it bothers people because it’s literally just visually crippled you.

Change it for the good - fine.

Change it for the worse - of course you will get this reaction.

You haven’t said WHY you like it.

I can tell you why I don’t:

1). It looks horrible

2). It’s reduced vision like crazy

3). It’s a radical change for the worse

4). It’s going to put a lot of people off playing Versus

And also its a third person shooter not a First person shooter.

I do not overstand what technically is needed by the red overlay.
But I do understand they want to show to the player in what direction they are getting shot from.
I do also understand that the player needs to know how hurt they are.
It is displayed with the lined out cog in the middle already.
So i wonder what technical magic creates the need for the festival eyes…

I kind of forgot to mention it. I like it because it, for me, seems to do a better job of telling me how much damage I’ve taken than the old… and because I tend to like to have more… realistic things in my games, within the limits of possibility, of course. My sense of immersion tends to be better that way. It might seem like an odd concept with a damage indicator like this, but it’s hard to explain.

And I do prefer how it looks to the old omen but both would have been fine if you ask me.

Realistic… Then why not go for hurt animation