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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

Aw man!

I was hoping you were serious as I so badly wanted to take the discussion private :sob:

Never mind, next time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I not out here to make enemies but I do have my preferences. We may not agree on the political spectrum but that wont stop me from being friendly and respectful to you


Likewise :v:

Title has been updated to better reflect the feedback process and the fair points made by Ryan and Octus to try the game first via the tech test before passing absolute judgement on the new Omen.

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I agreed with Octus that we should wait to play the actual game but if I don’t like the new damage Omen after 5 hours of gameplay I’ll be among the first to let TC know all about it

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I dunno about that…I mean this new inverse omen is probably apart of Obamacare

What is right is subjective when people have different preferences.

Just give us the choice instead of forcing it on everybody. They could still add some small red damage bars/splatters to see which side you get shot at with the old omen remaining in the middle.

But whatever…, I’ll playtest it in July to see if they’re right, and it’s just something we have to get used to, but I highly doubt it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I can only imagine how much you were gritting your teeth as you typed that :joy:

Fair enough, they can have their little tech test but nothing will change.

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Yeah, I get you. I’m not yet sure what purpose this one serves other than keeping the center of the screen clear when shot, but Octus says they’ve made the change since it serves some aspects of the game better than the old one… though I don’t see why they shouldn’t be at the very least willing to make compromises, be it via offering the option to have the old omen or to give us an intensity adjuster.

However, as I said, I don’t think it will go away. TC have proven to stay on decisions they’ve taken even of they have not proven to be particularly useful or good(things like the strict Versus matchmaking on certain modes - I’m sure EnVii can tell you all about it…). Doesn’t really bother me, as I mentioned before, but it is abundantly clear that many other people aren’t… and even if I like the new omen there’s no point in not admitting that it would be a major impediment to seeing what’s on your flanks(at the very least on the far left and right of the screen) in its current form.

But as I’ve also mentioned(more than one before), implementing an intensity adjuster for it, so long as that’s actually possible, would be one option, or just keeping both but leaving an option to toggle to the old omen and lesving the new one as it is, are things they could also do. Within limits of the possible, though, since I don’t really know how much/how long it takes to do UI tweaks.

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In their surprisingly uneducated opinion.

Perhaps, but I can already see less than 5% of the community using it.

Well said :+1:

If they must, so long as putting it to 0 pretty much represents the old and traditional omen.

It’s probably not worth repeating much of what has been said.

TC know people don’t like it.

Via social media and especially on here.

However - they are adamant it’s better and so will wait till the test.

4 weeks time, we can all boot up the game, see how bad it is and carry on giving the feedback that don’t change what doesn’t need changing.

I also think some of the crosshairs are odd.

The Enforcer one looks really bad!

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That’s one way to put things… albeit more extreme than it actually is.


Looks the same to me.

Are you looking at it on a low brightness screen? The spaces where I cannot see anything are the edges of it.

I’m looking at it normally and thinking about the heat of the moment.

You can only really see through the Omen.

That’s it.

I really disliked the omen from the very first time i witnessed it, and can honestly say that my opinion won’t change, and those saying that you need to play with it first, that isn’t a factor as it doesn’t affect gameplay and is juts purely cosmetic. It gives of a Call of Duty vide like in modern warfare when you where damaged veins would appear around the edges of the screen and would be partially blind around the edges, i don’t want gears to remind me of other aspects of every other game, keep gears like gears and continue to develop the omen that keeps it more unique like they have done previously,

In gears 3 and 4 it looked very bloody appose to just being red which was a really good cosmetic change and would give a clearer indication as to how damaged you are. In gears 5 they could develop this further to make it more bloody, thicker, and could have blood dripping down from the omen’s edges (not too much or over exaggerated drips) and from the top into the middle of the Omen, i think this would be a very nice cosmetic change, as it would be a nice addition to emphases how bloody and violent gears of war is, the new omen does nothing for gears really.




I really dont think giving it a chance in a playthrough is going to change my outlook but i will try.

I like how TC deflected to say just give it a chance. Did us fans throw you off by not receiving it as well as you hoped among some of the other changes (minor as they may be)?

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