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[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

I don’t see the new omen as an impact on those things. I see it as an uneccessary cover up of your screen. It adds a greater disadvantage to visiblility no matter your playstyle.
That is a much bigger difference than making the Lancer more powerful or adding weapons to the players arsenal.

If they really wanted to end the gnasher’s reign they would design the maps more around long range engagements as opposed to hopping from cover to cover and bring back map favorites that did such things.
Edit: Also, agree with you on that “tech test” point. It’s kinda stupid for these devs to call something a “beta” when it is a month or two from release.

I think there has been a slight confusion.

What he meant to say was that the marker / pointer would always be visible, pointing towards the direction of enemy. When you are shot, of course.

Not that the enemy or target would be visible. They could be invisible or hiding behind cover, for all you know.

Can see a tiny bit in the middle.

Completely blind for the rest of it :sweat_smile:

But hey TC like it so must be perfect.

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What if they keep it how it is then put the same one that they do when you are fully dead with the omen thing and red screen covering everything then maybe there will be less yelling about it but I say “less” :smiley:

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Why is making a target in Competitive Gears ALWAYS visible being seen as a good thing? Sounds to me like they’ve just made Gears easier?

I know some believe the new Omen may be more difficult but I think it may be the exact opposite with the new features Octus mentioned

I may not be who you look to get a reply from but under its current form you will only be able to see your opponent well at all times if they are within the clear area of the new omen. Which is what I assume Ryan is referring to. They’ll always be visible clearly so long as they are in front of you(and not hidden behind anything, obviously).

Which is silly because rifle fire isn’t always going to be a guy stood right in front you :confused:

Yeah, true. But in all honesty, I think this is a lost cause anyway. I have very big doubts TC will do anything further about the new omen… especially since they are happy with it. I can get along with that but seeing overall reactions from most others so far I doubt there’ll be many who think like me.

It annoys me more cause TC said that this time around they want to listen to the community. But already there going back to gears 4 TC. we’ve had this omen for a decade to then change it is stupid. With the old omen you could still see the other opponents but with this new omen, you literally can’t see to your left/right and above you. TC guys please at least have a toggle option.

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They won’t listen till after July, if at all.

Ryan basically said it’s also for technical reasons.

May be hard to get the old style.

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If you don’t here from me after July. Keep an eye on the news .

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It’s going to end up like endgame


I remember reading today that Ryan said people reference to full red too often when it won’t happen as much as you think.

You’re more likely to already get downed before you even get to see full red. It could be be split second frame of full red. And here we are, complaining about how exaggerated this frame is…

You’re more likely to be dead already or downed, before you get to stare at full red screen.


From the video,

Your screen gets red, real fast :disappointed_relieved:

Lol “Good”

Although Obama will always be a better president than Trump could ever dream of,

Let’s please not turn this into a Political debate :sweat_smile:

All come on now it was a joke you are in titled to your on opinion and so I am dont take it to seriously :wink:

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It was different. The more damage you took, the more the omen “formed”. It was meaningful.

And I know what you mean but from what I’ve witnessed over the past 3 years, just because TC like it does seriously NOT mean it’s right.

No, this simply can’t make it to the final product.