[Feedback After Tech Test & Release] Gears 5 New Inverse Omen

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to completely customise our HUD. But turning it off would also get rid of Ribbons from popping up. To me, it doesn’t look like the new Omen or mini-map would obscure my immediate vision either. That’s why I’m okay with it.

The only thing I need on screen is the weapon UI In the top right, objective in top left and a basic Omen.

Everything else can be in the post match report.

The ribbon boxes seem to be even bigger, looking at Escape gameplay.

Turning off HUD turns off Ribbons in Ranked?


The Mini-Map I don’t want but will have to keep it on as everyone else will have it on.

God damn… looks like I need to go buy a blender.

There’s a lot you can turn off.

I also ask / tweet TC wherever possible to have turning off ribbons as an option.

It should be, doesn’t happen in Private and doesn’t need to be Live in Ranked - again, post match report is good enough.

It’s not essential information I need there and then tbh.

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If you get a definite answer let me know!

Also can you find out if there’s an option to put the mini-map in Tac-Com while you’re at it?

I don’t think there is. Based on what I’ve seen.

If you looked here, it’s nowhere to be seen.

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I know it’s not there yet but if anything changes, will do :+1:

This would be a good idea, I’ll ask TC if this can be an option.

Again, they will act with demand so hopefully the suggestion will get others asking too.


You can play Gears 5 early in London on 11th-13th July.

They will have Escape to try, for the new Microsoft Store Launch.

Worth it for anyone who lives there or close by to sign up and give it a go :+1:

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So far all of the reported changes make me want to call this Gears of Duty 2 .

More knife action, the bloody eyes red screen, remapping the signature chainsaw to a new button after 13 years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Judgment’s off-hand Left bumper grenade tosses don’t make a come back at this point.

Can’t wait for tactical insertions and Claymore mines in an equipment slot …oh and kill streaks. Just 25 kills for a t̶a̶c̶t̶i̶c̶a̶l̶ ̶n̶u̶k̶e̶ lightmass bomb!

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I’m really hating all these terrible and unnecessary changes for this game. It’s like they feel they have to change stuff because they can and not because they should.

I don’t need to play to realize that the new omen is a terrible idea, and after the Tech Test I don’t think I change my mind. As well as TC doesn’t admit his mistakes.


I had to come back to this thread. I can’t help but hate this Omen more and more each time I unfortunately see it. It looks so horribly low-budget it’s disturbing.

Hopefully it doesn’t look as bad in the Beta but I don’t have high hopes…


The worst Omen in Gears history is what we’re getting.


Agree. It so didnt need changing. In all my years of playing thousands upon thousands of games have I ever heard anyone complain about the omen!

I don’t see how we are all going to change our mind come the tech-test.


I’m ok with the idea of new omen, but i don’t like its art side at all. Why it looks like paint spray effect? I think some kind of veins like Gears3 title screen background will be better here.
Cracks for ice themed screen, veins for blood themed screen.

And one more thing i don’t get. If somebody hit you, your screen became red, then even more red until you can see well only in the center, In the low hp player vs full hp cenario it looks like double disadvantage to me. Its the biggest design flaw for new omen as i see it.

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Exactly, the tech test is just going to make it worse. It’s a horrible disaster of an omen, and I’m just disappointed in Rod.


i hope TC have given us preference on what hud and omen we want to use on launch


This Red inverse omen is so bad !!! So red ! Covers 80% of the screen !

It literally hurts my eyes just as a spectator !!


Upvote the heck out of this!!!

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Feedback: still awful