Fed up with trying on arcade x2

Give up? Lol c’mon dude. I got this done in 4 matches.

And these events are fun to play anyway.

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Yeah I can sympathize with people who couldn’t get five FFA wins, as it’s 1/14, but not those who couldn’t manage five arcade blitz wins. That’s 50/50 Statistically. If you couldn’t get it in 50 matches or whatever this guy is claiming, then something is wrong with you not the medal or mode.


Or your team mates. Just thought I’d add that too! :smiley:

I’m neither the best nor worst gears player, an average player has no chance of even getting 1 victory in ffa that was a ■■■■ call for tod…they are just trying to promote a new game mode with soul destroying incentives for compeltionists

Disagree Pepper, the odds say you’ll win 3 match’s of arcade out of 50 by pure luck…i think he’s probally talking $h!t…

Huh? I’m not disagreeing. I was referring to the OP and adding to what @todo_ese_jugo said how there’s probably something wrong with him and not the medal, mode and/or team mates.

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Appologies… missed the sarcasm it’s been a long day😁

I had more kills then the rest of the team combined. I was pretty much carrying the team and still lose. 49 in a row till few pals showed up in party . Now that I found a really nice game on game pass I’ve been spending more time with it then gears.

I believe the medal was only 3 wins. If Krampus was on the rough side for casual players, then this challenge is on the opposite side of the spectrum. I think there is a “sweet spot” in between that is challenging, but not to tall of an order for most people.