Fed up with trying on arcade x2

That’s right after playing alot of matches sick of how the team I’m stuck on just completely stinks to high hell. These challenges completely are trash. Cause they don’t put in effort into it. All they do hide in corners bagging kills not capturing the rings . Fed up with it. Done with this . No need to even try anymore it’s all pointless.

Not playing a mode that you do not enjoy seems to be a sound tactic.


I’m fed up with these teams doing no effort at all. Mistake that TC did was putting only one single way for that execution card. Sould of been 200 waves of horde.

23 losses? There’s gotta be something you can do different to change the outcome. Have you tried staying back and spamming the crap out of incendiaries or shocks? I find it really messes with the other teams plans and sets your team up for easy kills.

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Only you can decide if the cosmetic is worth the grind. There have been several that I gave up on or didn’t even bother trying.
Whenever I get frustrated I just do something else.

I find this funny. I got this done on just 4 games and I suck in PVP. I just went in as Marcus or Warden and kept going for the ring. Spamming the lancer. Easy Peasy.

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3 wins in a week is nothing. It’s not even FFA wins or anything.


Get in there with Emile or other characters that do well in close range. Spot enemies whenever you see someone, and if they get killed you’ll get skulls faster. I got 16 skulls in my third match and maybe half or less were for actually killing. Use your smokes. Change characters to suit the situation. Stick close to your team and do try to revive teammates as much as possible.

If youre near the ring roll in towards it. Break it at least. Hold for a few seconds if you can every little bit helps. Getting in and out of the ring, get a few points.

Use shocks as much as possible, switch to your weapon to mop them up. Block paths to the ring with the shocks. Watch your flanks amd don’t get tunnel vision, always look around so you aren’t blind sided and remember the golden rule if you’re getting crossed by rifles. Take cover or die.

It don’t matter what I do. Same dang outcome hackers are mixed in the game also.I was killed by people saying they did 166 percent damaged. And dead I am. No way in he’ll you can have anything higher then 100 percent. Pc players were in that lobby. Forget that I’m through with a total b.s. mode for a reward card lazy players all the time.

Wow and I thought I was bad. What hackers.???

Stim and characters that regen health while doing damage can take over 100%


It took some real super aggressive players to finally get a small foot hold win. Two hard core extreme players got under the skin of the other team after nearly 50 tries I got a WIN 1 - 49

Bro, somebody has to win. Why do you deserve it more than the players who did well? Any body can ride 3 wins out on coattails in less than 2 hours. It doesn’t take “Hardcore Extreme” arcade players to tip the scales. I promise you.


After 49 matches in a row and lousy team players who won’t capture the ring you be ticked off.

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I got it this morning. Got a match in four seconds. Won the first three in a row. Took about 20 minutes.

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My #FakeNews alarms are going off.

Nah the ranked koth tryhards already flocked to arcade blitz (i like it I’m not insulting anyone) before this event. Glad it’s only three games though. Challenge Should have been play not win though. Disclosure, Arcade is my main mode so I’m biased toward it but this event made it more fun and challenging. It’s definitely harder to win right now. Normally it’s doable with a competent team but now it requires even more effort.

I hope TC makes Arcade Dodgeball next.

I have to agree. 49 games without a win is insane, and equally blaming bad team mates etc for not being able to win in 49 games itself seems at best, suspect; and at worst, arrogant. At the risk of sounding rude etc, but I am personally wondering to what extent the OP is the common denominator here.


Yeah 49 losses with at least 23 of them coming in a row. This guy hasn’t made a difference in any of those matches. Not even once did his presence help his team over the top. You have to wonder. It’s starting to look like at best he may just be dead weight to his team.

Try winning 5 Ffa match’s you’ve got a 1/14 chance and half of that is down to a little luck. Now thats an unreasonable achivement for Tod skins, i managed 2 wins in a whole weekend and gave up…