Features that other Gears titles had or did better?

2 Examples

  • Gears of War 4 Engineer moved barriers faster than Gears 5 (Gears 5 did it worse)
  • Gears 5 removed the camera shake from Gears of War 3 etc (Gears 5 improved)

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4s decoys were actually worth building, even without super beefy health boosts. Same goes for level 3 and 4 barriers, they at least had actual uses to block off main pathways instead of just serving as a Juvie jump blocker. And the damage both dealt to enemies actually was enough to kill things instead of the decoy explosion being so stupidly ■■■■■■ that it rarely even kills Juvies.

Likewise I recall repair speed not being so agonizingly slow in 4. Of course we have Robo in Gears 5 with Precision Repairs and Combat Engineer but I don’t see why the Mechanic players or anyone who picks a repair tool in a non-engi match needs to spend 20+ seconds to repair half or less than half the health of anything above level 2. Or spend ages reloading a single sentry. Mech players more so suffer from this if they decide to have their forts be super beefy, but then they are literally incapable of ever keeping anything repaired properly.


Gears of War 3 - Everything.


Gears 2/3 frags that were tagged didnt show on tac-com…:man_facepalming:

And this.


Gears 2- 4: War Journal


Damn it! I saw the title and was going to type Gears of War 3 but have been beaten to it lol.


Haha, well I couldn’t be bothered elaborating so there you go.

Agree with the camera shake.

I didn’t realize how bad it was until I went back and played the originals again and I can’t do the camera shake again.

I knew if not me then you would post this…never change mate :+1:

As for Horde, which I see is the topic, specifically:
Decoy being an actual GEAR.
More ammo in crates
Wave variety
More enemies, at least there always seems more in 3 over a complete match.
Better Bosses
Maps (although credit to TC, over their tenure, they have definitely improved a great deal.
Characters, but see above
Weapons, but see above.


You get used to it/would get used to it.
I think I play Gears 3 pvp as much as anyone on here (several times a week, every week!) and honesty it doesn’t bother me, even when playing 4 or 5. :+1:


Let players play versus/horde offline against bots without need of Internet, and unlock and access to skins we earned and no need for internet unlike Gears made by TC. On Gears 5 they removed the option to select weapons and character skins to play LAN versus while you aren’t connected. A very bad move in long term when the game is completely abandoned, a cancer that is extended in the entire gaming industry.


Faster PvP!? :thinking:
Or too soon!? :smirk:

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Gears 4: Customization for PvP (Cog and swarm) and PvE.

I would like to use again my colorful skins weapons for horde/escape and maintain my low profile skins for PvP

Also, Queen Myrrah weapon skins

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The curb stomp.

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I was thinking the same thing initially :joy:

Gears Judgement stim grenade in PvE.

OPINION : The entirety of Gears 5 horde is better than Gears 4 Horde. This is my opinion, it isn’t a personal attack on anyone who prefers Gears 4 horde.

OPINION : Escape is the best PvE mode for any Gears game.

OPINION : The Gears 3 and Judgment War Journals are way better than anything we’ve gotten from TC.


Pressing the back button to skip dialogue in the campaign.

Gears 3- Sad Dom and Classic Commando Dom :smirk:

Gears 5 imo has the best collectables in any gears game ever.

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